How to stop overworking yourself and worrying.

How to stop overworking yourself and worrying

How to stop overworking yourself and worrying. Humans have the ability to multi-task. But sometimes, we abuse that ability and end up overworking our butts and brains. The close relative of overworking is worrying, and thus, whenever you overwork yourself, you worry also.

But of course, solutions that eliminate our problems are what we are looking for. But in the process of looking for solutions, should we be creating any more problems for ourselves? Certainly not!
In light of this, I’m going to share my experiences and working solutions on how to stop overworking yourself and worrying.

Always aim to work smarter, instead of harder.

How to stop overworking yourself and worrying work smarter monkey thinking

A truck dropped some stones on the ground and told 2 men to pick them up, back into the truck.

The first man started picking the stones by hand and was constantly burned out of energy. He spent 3 hours picking the stones back into the truck. Then he started worrying about his energy and stress levels.

But the second man took a shovel and a wheelbarrow and started packing the stones in the wheelbarrow. Then he pushed the wheelbarrow into the truck and offloaded it there. It took him just 20 minutes.

Now, while the first man worked hard, the second man worked smart. And if you look at both illustrations above, you will notice that the man that worked harder, overworked himself and ended up being worried. But, the second man worked smartly and ended up using less time and still retaining much of his energy.

This is a clear illustration between working hard and working smartly.

Don’t overwork yourself. Instead, try to devise strategies that you can employ to give you the same results, without making you so stressed and worried.
You have to start working smarter now.

Stop overworking yourself and worrying by working smarter.

Don’t do everything in one day. You aren’t superman.

Yes! You aren’t superman and your immune systems aren’t super duper strong.

We have lots of activities in our daily lives. But we often fail to realize that those activities aren’t just meant to be carried out at once.

Omg!!! There’s a crazy idea that you have and you can’t wait to implement it. Also, there’s a big launch coming up and you’ve got to go to some places today for preparation. Your kids are in school and you still have to pick them up. And ohhhh!! There’s a book review that you should have done before the book launch Tomorrow!!

Then you begin to panic. Ohhh my..!!! What should I do!??? I gotta do everything today!….

Then you begin to set an unrealistic daily schedule. And you end up overworking yourself and worrying.

When you overwork yourself, you worry. And when you worry, it’s like putting your mental health in the battle frontline and being like “heyyy, this is my mental health, I’m vulnerable!!! Attackkkkkk!!”

It’s okay to say “ohh, I will put this task for tomorrow when I get back from work”

It’s okay to say “I will visit my old time friend when I get my summer vacation next month”

Designating tasks for future convenient dates is totally okay and cool. And mind you, that’s not procrastination.

There’s a difference between procrastinating and making future schedules. Understand that.

So if you feel that your week has been filled up, then it’s okay to set tasks for the following week. If you know that your next day, you will be so busy doing that work, then instead of adding numerous tasks to your next day, why don’t you just schedule those tasks for future days?

Not only will this make you stop worrying, but it will also give you an healthy mindset. You will look forward to accomplishing tasks when you set them at convenient dates. You will appreciate the process more and will love the feeling of finally setting a task and accomplishing it.

You can’t do everything in one day. Assign pending tasks to future days and watch how peaceful your mind will be.
It’s not procrastination. It’s called doing the right thing.


Basically, I have given you my 2 most effective solutions and experiences that I personally witnessed in my journey of eliminating overworking and worrying.

Kindly share with your social media friends. They will be very appreciative to learn this, and who knows, you might be saving a life suffering from stress, overworking, and worrying.
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Have you been overworking yourself and worrying recently? Can I be of help to you?

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