Self Motivation, the key to Excel

Self Motivation, the key to Excel

Self Motivation, the key to excel. Keeping your spirit high under all circumstances is the key to excel in life. The foremost task is to set goals and challenge yourself, physically and mentally.

Discover the inner positive force inside you, which does not let you fall down or give up on your dreams. As Andrew Carnegie says; “People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents.”

Thus those who are discouraged in difficult times, lose before the battle is over.  

Have a positive attitude and a visual imagination of what your goals look like or what happiness looks like to you. Some people would say its selfish to always think about yourself and your goals, but YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO BE GREAT.

You are the one to set an example for your family or your friends. This would be an example of somebody who lives the life of what a successful and a great life is. So the people have someone to follow. And to achieve all of this, there is only one person who can stop you, and that person is YOU. You have the choice to accept average, to settle for less, but if you find strength and courage, nothing can stop you from having a happy and successful life. 

You should know what you are capable of doing, and to find pride in doing what you like to do. This is not dependent on luck, you work for achieving it.

Remember, Self Motivation, is the key to excel in life. Find a cause, have a dream, and don’t settle for less. Run your own race because no one else is going to do it for you. And whenever you’re tired, just take one more step. Your limitation is only your imagination! 


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