I Might Struggle but Will Never Stumble

I Might Struggle but Will Never Stumble

I Might Struggle but Will Never Stumble. Inevitably, self-employment involves struggle. When attempting to progress toward your goals, nothing is ever simple. You will always have difficulties and hardships with you.

But before you, there were others.

Similar struggles like the one you are currently experiencing have been experienced by others. It is also something that some people are now dealing with.

You are certainly not alone in your struggle.

I may struggle, but I won’t trip or fall, despite how people might see me.

Regardless of my strength, I’m going to fight for myself.

Despite what everyone claims, living does not always seem simple.

People strive, the going gets tough, and they are frequently questioned.

But, Even though I want to cry, I’m going to smile broadly.

Even though I am doomed to death, I will struggle to survive.

Give happiness a place in your heart. Allow the light to enter every pore.

Cast off the night’s darkness and immerse yourself in the bliss of the present moment.

Take a stroll during the summer sun. Or try to fly through the clear blue sky.

The options are endless.

Recognize that nothing is ever truly dead. Leave the darkness of suffering behind you.

Sing until your throat hurts too much. For as long as the day lasts, smile, and laugh just a little bit more.

Slowly and deeply inhale while listening. Give each of your concepts a chance.

Kick off your shoes and dance while the sun beats down on your goodness.

I Might Struggle but Will Never Stumble

Even though it’s difficult, I’ll keep going, and you may watch me struggle, but you’ll never see me falter.
I will keep holding on and believing.

Don’t give up.



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