I Understand Who I Am

I understand Who I Am

I Understand Who I Am. I’ve found true happiness in loving myself the way I am. I do not bother about what people say as long as my life values are satisfied.

Do you dare to be different? I believe you do!

I’m comfortable and free because I understand who I am. It all comes together to make me unique, even if I have fading scars and an odd physique.

I am mindful of who I am and how my thoughts and feelings toward other people affect the way I behave.

I am aware of my growth potential and my strong points. When I require assistance, I am aware of where to turn.

I have certain shortcomings that are visible and some qualities that are hidden.

Regardless of the outcome, I remain who I am. I don’t have to blend in and I’m not going to live a lie.

I won’t even attempt because I know I can’t win everyone over.

Some people look at me with concern while others call me proud. However, I don’t bother because I am aware of who I am.

“I choose not to let others define me because while they may know my name, they might not have a clue of who I truly am.”― Gift Gugu Mona


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