How to use your past to make your life better

Things have happened to us over the period of our existence. Some good, some bad. But, a mistake you might be making is not knowing how to use our past to make your life better.

I’m pretty sure you want to live a better life, and not being held down by your past. So let’s go into some tips I have for you to know how to use your past to make your life better.

1. Acceptance: Take responsibility of your past.

Take responsibility of your past. Acceptance

Before you can focus on making your present life better, you should accept whatever has happened in your past.

Somethings are beyond your control. You can’t continue blaming yourself or circumstances for whatever happened in your past.

You have to firstly accept the fact that whatever happened in your past was beyond your control and that you will take full responsibility.

When you accept your past, you have just opened the door to let in peace and positivity. You will have the new mindset for growth and you will be able to focus on the “next right thing”

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2. Use your past: Channel the energy effectively.

Use your past to channel the energy effectively

A lady got raped at the age of 17 years old. She was trapped in her own shell of worry and depression. It took her 8 years to finally give room for therapy and psychological assistance.

Then when she was 41 years old, she set up an organization that creates awareness about rape. She is now passionately channeling using her past, as an energy to better peoples’ lives.

Your past might either be physically devastating or emotional exhausting. No matter how ugly your past have been, you can certainly use your past as an energy to create something wonderful in peoples’ lives.

Channel the energy into something that can impact lives. Use your story, experiences and pain to enlighten people around the world.

You can make the present and future for people all around the world to be beautiful, if you can channel your past to create something wonderful and inspiring.

Tell your Stories: Change the narrative for other peoples’ story.

When you tell your own story, you can help some people to change the course of their lives to a better one. You can help people to live and love better.

Go to seminars, schools, trainings, conferences, and so on. Just go to share your story. Inspire lives.

Don’t just sit down in your home. Share your story and you will see the massive happiness that it will bring you.

When people relate their experiences to yours, they become more self-appreciated. And you can too. Going to places and people, to share your story and confidence will make a lot of positive difference in your life and theirs.


Accept your past. Channel the energy. Tell your story.

These are the 3 ways that I’ve been able to learn how to use my past to make my life better. It worked for me and it’s working for the people that I’ve told personally. But I’m telling you today.

If you have a nasty past, try to follow these simple steps. It might take months or years to accomplish one step. But it’s a journey and I’m sure you will come out victorious.

You can message me if you need any assistance with this. I will be very happy to help.

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