How To Make Yourself Happy During Bad Times

How to make yourself happy during bad times. Sometimes, you have some challenges and you wish to be happy once again, but you just don’t know how to.

I have some extremely rare tips that I personally tried out and it worked for me (it still does)

Embrace nature.

Embrace nature to be happy

Do you know that 85% of the times that I constantly go out to look at nature (trees, animals, etc) I always feel as if a burden has been lifted off my shoulders.

I once had a problem with “taking life too serious” Sometimes, I will be so engrossed in making everything right and perfect that it began to affect my mental health. I was losing it!

But, there was a particular day that rain wanted to fall. So I decided to go out to feel some breeze. Then, something wonderful happened.

As I sat down on a bench, I saw the trees moving in different directions, I saw some animals chewing their food, and I saw the clouds forming above. Everything was moving. Nothing was stable.

Then, as I saw nature being active, I felt something inside me. Happiness.

Looking at the trees, the animals, the sky, etc really made me so happy. I don’t know how and why, but it’s like nature has a spirit of its own. It’s like nature has this way of making you think back to the good days and just smile or laugh.

If you have been embracing nature, you will quite agree with me on this. Nature is a giver of happiness. I can testify to that.

Make sure you embrace nature more. Just go outside every morning and evening to look around and feel something wonderful burst inside of you. By knowing this, you already have a method of how you can make yourself happy during bad times.

Write down the happy things that have happened to you during good times.

Write down the good things that have happened to you

You know, something that I always do is that, when good things happen to me, I document them down. So that when bae days come, I simply go back to that sheet of paper, read through and feel optimistic that if good things happened to me before, then they will happen to me again.

That’s happiness mindset.

Bad days will surely come. Bad times will surely come. It’s almost inevitable. There are days that you will feel so down and unhappy. But, you can always prepare your mindset for these days, but noting down good things in your life, and going back to reflect on those good things, when bad things happen.

I tried this and it worked for me. And I’m so happy that I tried it and I’m still trying it.

Write down the good things that have happened to you. All those little accomplishments, write them down. The tasks that you’ve completed before, wrote them down. Those happy moments, write them down in your journal.

Then when the storming and challenging days come, go back to those good happenings that you’ve written down and you will feel positive again. You will feel that there’s so much hope. If good things happened to you, that means they can still happen to you, and these bad times will be temporary because happiness will still locate you again.

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These are the 2 vital ways that I make myself happy during bad times. These points are based on my own experiences and wisdom. But, it worked for people that I’ve coached over the years. And I’m very certain that if you can take these extremely rare points wholeheartedly, then you will experience a positive change in your life and you will know how to make yourself happy during bad times.

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