Do not give Up rather Make it Up

Do not give Up rather Make it Up

Do not give Up rather Make it Up. If you think of giving up, then rather think of making it up in life. Remember, there is nothing to lose trying again and again. Rather you are building on your success in the process of trying.

Do not give Up rather Make it Up. Anytime you try to grow, chase a dream, or reach a goal, chances are, there will be times when you’ll feel like giving up.

When you’re depressed, your goal or aim is to become happy. It could be a toss between giving up or moving on, Perhaps, you’d want to make it in another way. You may want to go back to your old life or want your copy from people to be closer. But not all things will go your way, and those are the times when you feel like giving up.

It’s part of the process of moving beyond where you currently are: psychologically, emotionally, and financially. When you stretch yourself, you are developing, learning, and growing.

Those periods of frustration, disappointment, and failure come with growth. They occur when you’re trying to accomplish something you haven’t tried before. Exasperation, being let down, or feeling like you don’t have what it takes, are natural.

There were times I thought hmm.. I have to give up because there is no way I can achieve what I wanted, but I said to my self, “why giving up now” there’s nothing to lose trying, I stood up on my feet and said to myself” Keep going”, for sure I made it finally. Negative things may come up on your way in life but giving up is never the solution, look back to your mistakes and correct them and that will lead you to success.

Always remember, Do not give Up rather Make it Up.


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