Take Charge of Your Conscious Mind Now!


Take charge of your conscious mind now and shape your future with your thoughts. Grow and learn and make it better. Your life should never just be bought.
Be mindful of the choices you make, that really matters what you decide. Your daily decisions will shape your life. So don’t forget to take the ride.
Make sure you practice self-love in everything that you create.
Start each day with love and courage, and your future will be quite great. So don’t forget to take charge of your conscious mind, as it controls your stories and dreams. Use the power of your thoughts, and you will find it’s easier to achieve!
Let go of the negative ninnies you’ve left behind for you are in charge, control in your hands. A positive outlook is all part of the plan.

Take Charge of Your Conscious Mind Now!
Be compassionate to yourself, and don’t be unkind, for when your thoughts are in harmony, great things you will find. Words of affirmation will become a mantra, creating streams of success to flow a lot faster.
Believing in yourself, anything is possible. Take authority and responsibility, it’s so crucial.
Awareness of your thoughts is vital to success. What we think is the energy we develop and express. Be careful of the things you hold within, for success comes from positivity, not from giving in.

Take Charge of Your Conscious Mind Now!
Focus on each moment, don’t let it pass. You’re in control, and no longer enslaved in the past.
Be the narrator of your life and life’s story. Take charge.

Everything is within your power, and your power is within you.” ― Janice Trachtman

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