Normal Action Leads To A Normal Life

Normal Action Leads To A Normal Life

Normal Action Leads To A Normal Life. Most people stick to the common standards when planning their lives: do an apprenticeship or study, be responsible, slowly climb the career ladder and then retire.

Dreams and visions are not only for people from good families. You might have committed yourself to another company for decades, slave and slave, and realise at the end of your life that you haven’t lived the way you always wanted after all.

You ignored your desires, didn’t listen to your gut, and let inhibitions control you. It is the feeling of sheer disillusionment and powerlessness. You feel like there is nothing you can do about your faith – after all, this is the way “everyone” has to go. It is the normal way – the safe way. You know exactly what’s coming before you’ve even really started the journey.

How boring.

But what about an adventure? A life that is not just normal, as you have heard it a thousand times from others? How about being a rebel and escaping from the inertia of the masses? To achieve that, you need extraordinary thoughts and you need to act extraordinarily. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Take Extraordinarily big steps

Don’t try to start small like everyone else does – because they are only afraid. Go to the most important people, the most important companies, the most attractive people and immediately take what you really want inside. Why should you wait? If you are rejected, just try again. Only if you have the courage to reach for the best of the best right away you do have a real chance of getting it. Your courage will impress everyone and they will wonder,“Apparently, he must be special to dare to do something like that.” And if you do, you’ll be special too.

2. Have Exceptional audacity

Forget about over-friendliness. Be direct and a little bold. Your counterpart doesn’t know what’s going on inside you and only if you grab important opportunities by the scruff of the neck and have the courage to go for it, will you be rewarded with extraordinary results. Or have you ever approached someone in this way? Kindness is overrated. Always being too nice doesn’t cut it. And only those people who are confident enough to put their money where their mouth is will get extraordinary results.

3. Acquire Extraordinary experiences

Normal Action Leads To A Normal Life. Don’t wait until retirement age to travel the world. You don’t even know if you will live that long. Such a trip will change you and you will see the world with different eyes. Besides, you will never have problems with pauses in conversation again, because you can tell an interesting story at any time. Experiences like this make you noticeable by every kind of person. They give you an edge by which people will recognise you – because you are someone who has dared to do what everyone else only thinks.

4. Have Extraordinary interests

You don’t have to focus on just one area in life – even if the majority thinks you do. Be versatile. Have many interests and be a fundamentally curious person. You never know who you are going to meet and the more topics you know about, the more opportunities you will have to connect with new contacts.

Normal Action Leads To A Normal Life. There is so much in the world to learn about and discover. Why close yourself off to anything? Openness gives you the ability to understand people from different groups. This can be important for friendships as well as for your business.

5. Exceptional knowledge of human nature

Expertise and intelligence are vastly overrated. It is and always has been the people around us that make us successful. Of course, you need the expertise to get good results. But the higher your position (whether in your own company or as an employee), the more important your social skills become. Managers are of course organisational talents – but above all, they are connoisseurs of human nature. Invest time not only in your field but in people and in your personality.

6. Have Exceptional consumer behaviour

Watching TV, reading magazines, and basically “keeping up with the latest news” seems to be irrevocable behavioural routines without which you can’t even imagine living. But seriously, you don’t have to do this just because everyone is doing it. Think about it: In what ways has your TV ever influenced you positively? What valuable information did it give you that seriously changed your life? You can get the most important information much more compactly and quickly in a good newspaper or on relevant websites. Do sports, read a book, or watch a good movie if you need distraction and want to clear your head.

7. Be Exceptional persistence

“No” doesn’t mean “no”, it means “convince me otherwise!”. Most people are put off far too quickly by higher authorities. Be more persistent than the rest. Like Richard Branson’s mother: she wanted to be a pilot, but at the time only men were allowed in that profession. There could hardly be a harder “no!” – but she didn’t care. She dressed up as a man, spoke in a low voice, got her pilot’s license and no one could say anything against her female skills because she had passed the exam. That’s what you call persistence!

In conclusion

Normal Action Leads To A Normal Life. Exceptionality is highly rewarded. Being extraordinary is not only more fun or making your life more interesting – it is also highly rewarded. It is not for nothing that the extraordinary people of our time (about ten percent) own a massive 85 percent of the world’s wealth. Those who are exceptional stand out from the crowd and their deeds and ideas are noticed all the more. The standard path is rarely the best. It is quite crowded in the life of “the masses” and the chance that you will be overlooked there is enormously high.

But there is another way and with this quote from Mark Twain we would like to give you one last thought that will hopefully stay in the back of your mind:

“Whenever you recognise yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

 Best wishes and good luck!

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