Never Lose Yourself to Fear or Doubt

Never Lose Yourself to Fear or Doubt

Never Lose Yourself to Fear or Doubt. Everything is easily lost and fades away when you move into the No-Self

Who has this doubt, I would like to know. Do you recall how you were attacked by fear? What outside circumstance planted this mistrust in my mind in the first place?

You eventually closed your eyes and lost appreciation. Possibly no longer do you perceive the grace operating in your life.
Everything changes. However, there is a holy spot that is constant inside of you. For as long as you live, it will be there. You can use it to retrace your steps and avoid getting lost.

When you are afraid and insecure, you close the door that leads to You. 

From that moment you are banned, there is no grace. Even if it exists, you don’t see it. 

In this era, everything changes. But there is one thing that is constant. And that is in You.

Maybe you are full of doubts. Maybe you don’t trust, or you might be full of fear. 

Always know that you are a divine being and whatever you think, Existence honors you with it. 

Every time you focus on what is wrong, Existence honors you with what is wrong. And every time you choose to be unhappy and wallow in it, Existence honors you.

He “takes care” in every way, to keep you in it. Do not forget that you are part of this Existence. 

You have the ability to create your reality as you wish. So, if you want, you can move away. And when you walk away, you wonder what God can do for you. 

You are not responsible for this. It’s natural that it happens. It is natural because this is the land of oblivion. But it’s up to you. 

Never Lose Yourself to Fear or Doubt, rather love yourself

Self-Love: If you open your true eyes, you will see her arrive. You will see her breaking down all hardness and all resistance. You will see her demolish all logic and all fears. 

People are afraid. And love contains All. But if you do not go to it, you will not pass from non-self to what you are. 

Thus you can go through the period when everything is changing, safely and blessedly.

Thanks for reading.


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