My Life Lessons in The Year 2022

My Life Lessons in The Year 2022

My Life Lessons in The Year 2022. Normally all they expect from me is strength. Everyone expect the bravest face with the brightest smile.
But the year 2022 had thrown more than just hurdles in my way. Yes, 2022 had created more than a disruption to me.

The Year 2022 started out with the biggest amount of hope, finally I was going to face most of my dreams and definitely at long last make sure that I complete them.

But when it came, I got a stab to the heart, losing the one person who I thought would get to see my empire rise.
And I understand that relationships end, I get that we need to let go of toxic behaviors but when the one I loved walked away. Everyone that held a special significant place in my heart walked out. Expect one- Me.

I became overwhelmed with pain to the extent that I became toxic.
I tried to run to someone who I thought would stay there but they just couldn’t bear to watch me so fragile and bare, they walked out. Expect one- Me.

Making sure that the remaining components of my heart turned to dust.

My environment grew dark, People started fighting for some form of job security and I took it upon myself to bear their agony while fretting about myself. While relief could be seen on my face, they did not, thus their anguish was eating away at my soul even if I survived.

I had other hopes, It will surely work out somehow.
But the deeper into the months we get the more drained I got.

My Life Lessons in The Year 2022

The year 2022 had taking a huge toll on me.

But the truth is that I am happy to be alive and healthy in this new year 2023.

 A human mind is a goal-seeking machine, and it works with marvelous efficiency and effectiveness. And in order to take advantage of this power you need to tell your mind exactly what you want it to do for you.

All of us have some idea of what we want — more money, more love, a bigger house, and more freedom. However, to empower our minds to create results for us, we need to be much more specific.

Dust off your dreams and put them down on paper. Don’t worry about how you’re going to get everything and don’t put any limitations on it.

Just sit up and do it.

My Life Lessons in The Year 2022. These are the few lessons life taugt me in the past year 2022;

  1. Positive feedback is what people prefer to hear, not negative feedback. Therefore, if you have challenges, it will be challenging to find people you can trust.
  2. Everyone wears a mask, and depending on the situation, they may play a different one. You’ll be astonished at how different people can be in various social circumstances, whether they are with their partners, family, or coworkers.
  3. Never tell others everything about oneself; instead, only share 70% of it with them while keeping the remaining 30% a secret.
  4. It is not natural to be fair. There is no perfect justice.
  5. Some individuals only practice wickedness. If you end up in a  Relationship With that Individual, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. Consider letting it Go. 
  6. No matter how well you perform academically, people are more interested in your interpersonal abilities than your grades. You only get halfway there with grades.
  7. It’s important to pay attention to appearances. The world in which we live is judgmental and condemning. This leads me to my conclusion that you will be somewhat judged for your behavior by your family, friends, coworkers, and bosses.
  8. Your life should be lived as you see fit. Because even those who care about you are unable to accompany you at every turn.
  9. People can tell if you don’t treat yourself with respect. Love and respect Yourself
  10. Being liked by everyone is impossible. A person who disagrees with you will ALWAYS exist, and if you don’t have enemies, you aren’t really living. Instead than trying to please everyone, it is better to have your own opinions.

Finanly I would like to share with you my favorite qoute by Walter Elias Disney, an American animator, film producer and entrepreneur. He said: “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

Thanks for reading and wishing everyone all the best in this new year.

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