Let Your Test Today Be Your Testimony Tomorrow

Let your test today be your testimony tomorrow

Let your test today be your testimony tomorrow. The battle is the Lord’s, and victory will come from Him. There is no victory without a fight and no testimony without a test.

We can not really know what’s in us or more importantly what is in us until we’re tested. Every testimony is based upon a trial of our faith.

Yes, we all like to have a testimony. We overcome obstacles in life through the word of our testimony, and it’s good to be able to testify to the veracity and the truth of God’s word.

Let your test today be your testimony tomorrow. Life sometimes can get tough and everybody will agree with that, but the truth is that Nobody ever ends up with a testimony.

I ask myself this question, how many of us love hearing a good testimony? But, I think Nobody will ever have a testimony if they haven’t had a test of life. Let us remember that, as we continue this journey of life, we’re going to be tested, and not only will the enemy try to test us, but God himself will test us.

Remember, David even prayed for God to test him. David prayed: “Oh God, try me, test me. See if there’s any wicked thing in me”.

Let Your Test Today Be Your Testimony Tomorrow

Everyone loves to hear great testimonies but we should always remember that, if we don’t pass our tests, we’ll never have the testimony. We often wonder why we keep going around and around the same misfortune all the time.

Well, there’s a little something we need to know about God the Almighty, the creator of heaven and earth. We are all students of God, and, we will keep getting to take the same tests over and over and over until we pass them. And then even after you pass them, occasionally, you’ll get a little refresher course. Just to check and see if you’re still where you need to be in that subject.

Certainly, we all love to hear and read about Noah, Joseph, Abraham, Moses, Daniel, Ruth, Esther, Peter, and Paul, but my question is; would you have ever wanted to take the test they took?

Moses parted the Red Sea, wow! that was great! We need to know that none of those great miracles were making his own choices in life. Before he could perform each of his wonders or miracles, he was first tested by God.

Let your test in life, be your testimony. We can’t have a testimony without a test. If you want to be for God and God only, then you have to learn how to endure, and how not to run away from hard times, temptations or tests.

We have to learn that the only way to get through is to go through. If tell yourself “I am never going to give up,” you’ll end up getting the victory.

I always have this written on the wall in my bedroom that says, “Never, never, never give up”. I always read this whenever I wake up from my bed. Don’t give up. “Be not weary in well-doing for in due season you shall reap if you faint not”.

Patience, endurance, outlast the devil, learn that everything in life is not going be your way and God expects you to be sweet anyway.

Let Your Test Today Be Your Testimony Tomorrow

Hebrews 6:12, “So that you will not be spiritually sluggish, but will instead be imitators of those who through faith lean on God with absolute trust and confidence in him and in his power and by patient endurance even when suffering are now inheriting the promises”.

I’d have to say that I’ve got a good measure of victory in my life right now. It’s certainly not perfect, but I’m pretty happy most of the time, pretty content, and pretty peaceful. I’ve come a long way, but I tell you, I had to learn to stop running from things and just say, “God is Great“.

They endured and they’re now inheriting the promises. Hebrews 10:36, “For you have need of patient endurance to bear up under difficult circumstances without compromising, so that when you have carried out the will of God, you may receive and enjoy to the full what is promised”.

Always remember this; We go through to get through and the reward is always on the other side, but don’t forget we’re going to be tested, tried, and we need to be proven.

You have to think about the prize that’s on the other side of the pain. The Bible talks about Jesus in Hebrews 12:2: “He despised the shame of the cross, but he endured it for the joy of the prize that was on the other side”.

In conclusion; Let your test today be your testimony tomorrow. Tests are given to prove what we really know, not what we think we know, but what we really know. Know yourself, and take responsibility for your life. Be patient, practice forgiveness, be faithful, and Never give up!

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