I Will Keep Going and Never Give Up!

I will keep never give up!

I will keep going and never give up! Many of life’s failures happen when people don’t realize how close they are to success when they give up .”Thomas Alva Edison

When everything seems impossible, I will keep going!

Even if I fail trying, I will never give up!

Even if everyone doubts me, I will never give up on the fight.

Even if I am defeated and perish, my soul will be reborn!

When I fall and lose, I will surely find the courage to get up again!

Even if my heart breaks into pieces, I will slowly put them back together and refurbish it.

And when my soul is reborn, I will return to battle!

Muhammad Ali, The world’s greatest professional boxer and activist, once said: ” Whether in the ring or anywhere else, there’s nothing wrong with falling. But it is wrong to remain lying down .”

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