Don’t stop creating your dream life

Don’t stop creating your dream life

Don’t stop creating your dream life. It seems that we all have one or another talents, wishes, and dreams, but we still do not decide to realize them.

The world is in the hands of those who have the courage to dream and take the risk of living their dreams.’’ — Paulo Coelho

One way to change your life is to create a dream. Visualizing your desires brings you closer to their fulfillment.

why is it difficult for people to move from the thinking to the doing stage?

Sometimes we can’t move because we are looking for the ideal option and we set ourselves impossible tasks, perhaps without consciously even realizing it. We want to get everything done quickly, without much effort, and without big obstacles.

We believe the justifications for our actions to be sound, yet frequently they are simply irrational anxieties.

Because we are terrified of failing, we are afraid to try anything at all. What if I accomplish my goals only to discover that they were all for naught and that I am not as content with myself as I had hoped?

So, what is stopping us from starting to realize our dreams?

Often people think that they are held back by lack of time, money, or support, but the most important barrier that stands between us and our dreams is how we perceive the world, and what we think about ourselves and other people.

As we begin to listen more carefully to our thoughts, we begin to notice how we close ourselves off to protect ourselves.

We create a fortress in our minds that protects us from possible failures, disappointment, and pain, but also closes the opportunities to experience the feeling of freedom, joy, love, communion, and creative expression.

Things become clear as they go, they cannot be guessed or calculated in advance. We don’t have to know everything when we make a decision to do something.

Don’t stop creating your dream life.

A dream is a door to something new. The interest or even euphoria that we feel in such cases gives inspiration and courage to act, self-confidence. This moment does not last long, so it is important to be able to take advantage of the resulting surge of positive emotions and do as much as possible. Even great dreams come crashing down if we don’t take action.

A dream that is not on the calendar is a false dream. Open the calendar on your phone and mark when tomorrow you can resume the work you started. If necessary, enter a reminder. Take at least 10 minutes every day to do an act of your choice. It’s possible that after spending the first few days enthusiastically on a new goal, you’ll start to forget what you planned to do later.

Don’t judge yourself for it, rather find ways to help yourself. It will be easier if you have a list of things you need to do, and next to each entry, you indicate your promise and the deadline by which this promise will be fulfilled. For example, if you have decided to improve your English language skills, immediately register for the first session. Commitment will create an additional incentive to complete the chosen goal.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.’’ – Eleanor Roosevelt

In Conclusion

I would advise you to get to know yourself as best as possible – your values, strengths, attitudes, feelings, and internal motivation mechanism, and to look for meaning not outside, but inside – these things will help you name your real dreams and pursue them.

We will be able to realize our dreams only together with other people, so it is important to get to know each other, strengthen relationships, talk, support, help each other and keep the promises made.

Don’t stop creating your dream life. When your gut and intuition are pulling you one way. What people think of you and people’s opinions are pulling you another way.

Break free. Be brave. Follow your heart. You are a chosen one. Don’t listen to the ones with enslaved minds.

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