Your Talent is Your Biggest Safety Net

Your Talent is Your Biggest Safety Net

Your Talent is Your Biggest Safety Net. This is the time where your talent comes in as a gift of God and a buffer for you. If you do not rebuild your personal economic model, you could find yourself marginalized and disadvantaged. And yet your biggest asset from God could be lying idle.

Psyche Roxas-Mendoza once said: “Guess life is really a road marked by crossroads. It’s not the long and winding stretches that will hurt you the most. It’s the crossroads.

You make a bad choice and it’s a tumble and a rumble before you get back on your feet again. But you’ll get back on your feet. You’ll find yourself. And then you’ll be off to your next adventure (crossroads, I mean). In my case, I always had a safety net—my faith in God. But then, I’m more like the millions of simple folk who travel this world.”

The support systems you’ve relied on are being shaken in an unprecedented way. Your talent could be your biggest safety net.

Every talent has value, your ignorance about your talent does not nullify its existence hence the need to discover it.

“The famous story ‘Acres of Diamonds’ proves that one could have great resources within reach and yet travel around the world looking for fleeting opportunities because of ignorance.

It’s never too late to find it. In fact, people who find their talent late in life are generally referred to as late bloomers.”

We are all unique in our abilities. That uniqueness is actually your greatest advantage.

People who are talented in a particular field often get surprised when others cannot do what they do so naturally.

There is always a strong relationship between one’s natural talents and his/her identity. Many people who relate to you connect very easily to what you are naturally good at. They refer to you either directly or indirectly by the talent you possess.

For example, you cannot talk about Larry King without thinking about communication; neither can you mention Steve Jobs without exciting technologies.

An individual’s talent is connected to his/her financial success. That is why top talents like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Roger Federer, Serena Williams and Oprah Winfrey earn more in a month than the average person earns in a lifetime.

Whether you’re a small scale artisan or a big-time business mogul, you stand the chance of achieving financial success if you work wholeheartedly and diligently in an area that you have the talent and the passion to excel in.

However, talent alone is not enough to guarantee success. It requires hard work and development of a top-level skill.

“The real safety net of life is community, family and nature.” ~ Bryant McGill.

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