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Why Everyone Is A Treasure To Discover

Why Everyone Is A Treasure To Discover

Why Everyone Is A Treasure To Discover. I would like to mention here a point that seems to me essential to keep in mind: each person conceals a treasure… And it is necessary to discover it. 

“You can either be a victim of the world or an adventurer in search of treasure. It all depends on how you view your life.”Paulo Coelho

Each person is a treasure

I will begin from the premise that each one of us hides within us qualities that are sometimes unsuspected. Thus, behind each face is a golden nugget.

Think about yourself for a moment: aren’t you a magnificent person? an extraordinary being? a mine of information? an outstanding handyman? a house fairy? an explorer with incredible resources?

A kind of denial of your skills, your personal qualities, the beauty of your soul. So yes, it will certainly be difficult for you to see the beauty of the Other if you have not yet accepted your own inner beauty, but I will consider in this article that, yes, you are okay with being a quality person, an exceptional being… a unique person, quite simply.

Every person is valuable, and that’s the beauty of it…

Don’t hide your treasure!

If each person is unique, it means that you, and only you, are as you are! (I’ll let you read this sentence as many times as necessary )

Wow! It means that only you embody who you are.

This means that if I don’t know you and don’t have the chance to meet you… I won’t find anywhere else a person who looks like you with, exactly, all your qualities, your character traits, your knowledge, your skills…

Why Everyone Is A Treasure To Discover

I can’t wait to meet you !!! Because you are unique, and I love to discover the uniqueness of each person, of each treasure!

Do not hide your treasure! If you hide who you really are behind the mask of appearances, how could I really know you? How can I see your true treasure? You will then look like every other person I have met so far… and that is exactly what I am not interested in!

Have you thought about other people’s treasures?

If you yourself have an incredible treasure… Have you thought about the others? each person is a treasure

Yes! All the people around us are unique. In this sense, they are extraordinary, incredible… and it is urgent to discover their treasure, their personal wealth.

Perhaps they too have a mask on their face when you cross their path. Maybe they don’t know how to take off this mask by themselves, or maybe they don’t dare, for fear of revealing themselves fully to others. Yes… it takes a lot of courage to dare to be who you really are! It’s daring to reveal your strengths and weaknesses. It is daring to say “I am as I am. Accept me as I am… or not”.

This is why I will tell you, when you meet a new person, to go beyond the mask. To see behind the appearances. Because behind the appearances hides a priceless treasure: the Soul of your interlocutor.

Why Everyone Is A Treasure To Discover

How to see beyond appearances?

Not obvious, you may say. It is not. It requires seeing the beauty in the other person whatever the circumstances. And especially when this person is not convinced of his/her own beauty. Or when they absolutely want to hide behind their armor or mask.

In these cases, be nice. Don’t rush anyone. Respect the limits of others. Assume that every person is unique and exceptional.

Consider each person with Love and remember that each person is doing the best he or she can in each moment, according to the context and the possibilities.

Why Everyone Is A Treasure To Discover

Remember your own weaknesses and your own mask. And above all… be curious about the other person!

I wish you beautiful discoveries!!!

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