Why do people lose faith in prayer?

Why do people lose faith in prayer? Prayer is the master key. But it’s possible to still lose faith in prayer. Very possible. I have done some findings and today I’m here with the ultimate reason why people lose faith in prayer.

Do you know that when you pray, and you don’t act according to your prayers, you might not get a breakthrough?

Faith in prayer is praying and taking physical actions to back up your prayers.

A major mistake that most people make when praying is that they think prayer is just something that you do and you get instant results. And this is a very bad assumption.

I once prayed about a particular habit that I wanted to stop. I kept praying for a year or so, but I didn’t take any physical action or step. So I just lost faith in the prayer.

Faith can die down.

In whatever you do, not only prayers, but any other activity, just know that faith is just like self-esteem. It can go so low or rise so high, depending on how you feed it.

Prayer is a tool to get the attention of God. It’s like saying “hey God, please I’m having this challenge, could you please look into it?”

Then when you take your own steps, then God will know that your prayer is urgent and you are really desperate.

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Prayer is a tool to get the attention of God.

Why do people lose faith in prayer?

When you don’t take your own personal steps, then you might quickly lose faith in prayer. Prayer doesn’t work alone. You need to also take action and then prayer just adds the backup of God.

But when you don’t take steps, what will God back up?

I wanted to write an examination and I kept praying and praying, but I was reading less. I kept telling God to back me up in the examination, but I wasn’t providing something for God to back up.

God is not a magician. You can’t just pray to him, don’t take any steps, and expect God to perform magic. It just can’t happen.

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So if you want to strengthen your faith in prayer, then you should take your own personal steps to aid the prayers you pray. And when you take steps, you continuously encourage yourself and put yourself in a positive mindset, which will strengthen your inner faith in prayer.

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