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What If Everything That Happens Is For Our Own Good?

What If Everything That Happens Is For Our Own Good?

What If Everything That Happens Is For Our Own Good?. It was some years ago that I spent my life believing that the world wanted to do something bad to me. The people around me didn’t mean it very well and fate didn’t mean it anyway.

I felt at the mercy of circumstances and unable to really control my life, after all, something terrible could happen at any time. I would never have thought it possible that one day this would change so radically. Because in the meantime I firmly believe that the world has conspired to bend everything in such a way that it is for my best.

This profound trust goes deeper than any kind of positive thinking. And actually, it’s not a belief, but a knowledge – the knowledge of a completely sensory life that I believe is available to each and every one of us.

When the past suddenly makes sense

Every single event in my life has a deep meaning. Every tear I have cried, every single fear I have endured. None of it is a coincidence, I feel that with every fiber of my body. Call me crazy, but if this is crazy, I’m happy to be.

For the life of me, I wouldn’t want to go back to my old life, where I desperately searched for meaning and purpose and each time found myself in a state where I felt completely worthless and useless, where I firmly believed I had no contribution to make and was out of place. I don’t want to go back, but I also don’t regret a single second of my suffering, because that was exactly what brought me here now.

There is rarely an awakening without first going through deep valleys and painful periods in our lives. If we don’t see how badly we’ve really fallen, there’s no reason for us to change at all – and we just carry on, perhaps a little stunned, but not terribly unhappy either.

I don’t think I know that numbed state from my life at all. I’ve always felt very deeply, let my feelings pull me down, but also pull me up. Dealing with these feelings was very, very difficult for me and it took me a long time to accept them as a part of me and make peace with them.

I know that I “needed” all that, that the suffering was not in vain, because otherwise I probably wouldn’t be able to write such posts here, I would never have the urge to help others, if I hadn’t experienced myself that change – yes, real transformation – is possible.

I feel all the things I’ve learned during this painful time, and that I’m still learning, moving me toward something I still can’t quite put my finger on. But with each passing day of my life, the puzzle is taking more and more shape.

I know that I went through my transformation process to show others that it is possible, to show you that your suffering – if you feel it now – is not in vain. And that if you let it, you will discover a purpose in it that will guide you in your life, that will give you passion and the inner drive to make this world a little more beautiful.

When life reflects back trust

When I look at my life right now, I see a gigantic streak of events that fit together perfectly and make sense. Things that I had interpreted as my personal failures fade into the background. A quiet voice inside me whispers, “Wait and see, Yusif, there is a purpose to this, even though you can’t see it yet. Everything is happening for your own good.” And so I stay calm, follow my passion flow and the inner voice that guides me on new paths and sometimes back again, and just see what happens. I just wait for impulses and follow them when they come. When they don’t, I just rest and enjoy the view.

Small things have added up in the last few days and shown me that my trust in life is absolutely justified: I slipped past the flu epidemic even though some people around me were really sick, and something wonderful happened to me at work, too. I could list more things that make me shake my head in wonder every day. Nothing is really happening right now that really upsets or scares me. I am in trust and life seems to reflect that to me exactly.

It might not stay that way forever, but I know I can handle pain should it come my way, and will discover the meaning behind it myself – that’s exactly how we turn our lives around 180 degrees.

This is exactly how the fog in front of our eyes fades away and reveals the view of something wonderful. When we perceive our suffering, our bad past, as meaningful. We may not be able to make sense of it now, but we will.

I am sure that you can now spontaneously think of an event from your life that you experienced at first as absolutely horrible, but which in retrospect turned out to be a blessing.

This is how I feel with every single negative event in my life. Whenever something negative happens to me (which really isn’t happening at all), I have faith that it has some kind of meaning – even if it’s “just” that I grow from it and become stronger.

And in this respect, I think it’s fair to say that everything that happens is for our own good – through our perception we can make exactly that out of it. We make sense of things, learn from them, change, and are grateful for the positive changes that come into our lives. In this way, everything, however painful, becomes something that eventually leads to something good.

Not only do I believe this, I know that life, the universe, God – whatever – has only our best interests in mind and that our minds are not capable of grasping the big picture. I know that this world is animated by an intelligence much greater than ours – and that we can dock with it.

That’s what I mean by passion flow. We are then docked to the pulsation of life, to an order that we may not understand, but that we can feel, and that conveys to us – if we let it – every single moment that we are safe, that we need not be afraid, and that everything is for our own good.

When I am drenched in fear, I know that I am once again trying to exert control over my life and cutting myself off from the intelligence and flow around me (and within me). That’s when things go “wrong.” If we ignore them, things just keep going that way.

However, if we learn from them, manage to find our way from fear to love, and back to our flow, we end up in the middle of a streak of happiness that seems to exist beyond time, space, and (the current) laws of physics.

We just need to use our primal trust again

We all have the investment in this “primal trust”, we have just forgotten to use it. And let the words of insurance agents, concerned parents, and many a doctor lead us into a world of panic and uncertainty, where we feel lost and feel like we no longer have any control.

The thing is: we don’t have to exercise control, we can completely relax and listen to and follow our impulses. Amazingly, we then don’t stop (and if we do, it’s always just a pause), but move forward in tune with the flow of life and the universe. And it never has anything “stupid” or “boring” in mind for us, quite the opposite: it speaks to us through our heart’s desires, passions, and talents. If we follow them, it automatically leads us to what serves our best.

It is amazing to experience these “regularities” just so precisely, to perceive life completely consciously, to marvel at its wonders, and simply to be grateful. Looking at the world this way, and not through the lens of supposed desires and goals (which always felt like a struggle), has changed everything for me. Everything feels easy and fun, nothing “has” to last longer, everything can. And if something isn’t the way I want it to be right away, then it just isn’t meant to be that way. I know: Everything happens, exactly as it happens, only for my best.

Do you also feel this trust in your life, do you see meaning in your past or do you find it difficult right now? I am curious about your experiences, feel free to share them in the comments!

Thanks for reading.

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