Ways to Show Courage in your Daily life

Ways to Show Courage in your Daily life

Ways to Show Courage in your Daily life. Courage is doing the right thing, even if it may be hard. When you have courage, it doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid. Having courage means you push those fears aside to do what is right.

You make choices that help you be your best self, making life better for yourself and others. Every day you can show courage in little and big ways.

Here are some action steps to show courage in your life:

Write down the word Courage and use words and images to show what it means to you. If you feel nervous or scared today, take a few deep belly breaths to calm down. Make a list of your strengths to boost your Courage & Confidence!

Show Courage by letting someone know how you feel. Have the Courage to be yourself and love yourself! And do something for yourself.

Make a list of things you would do if you weren’t afraid. Speak up….let your voice and ideas be heard. Even if something is hard for you, have the courage to push through and keep trying. Try to help someone who is in need and face your fear. Say, ‘My fears won’t stop me!’ and go for it!

Say an affirmation when you wake up such as, ‘I am Courageous!’ or ‘I can do it!’ Have the Courage to change one angry thought into a loving thought. Practice self-control… Stop and think before you act! if you see something is wrong, do something to make it right!

Whenever you find yourself frustrated tell yourself, ‘I can do it!’ Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it and pick one new thing to try to do.

Ways to Show Courage in your Daily life. Have the Courage to respect someone’s opinion even if it is different from yours. Show Courage by trying to understand how someone else may be feeling. Make the right choice even if it may be hard for you to do so.

Always stand up for someone who needs strength and a voice! Before you speak ask yourself, ‘Is it Necessary? Is it Right? Is it Kind?’Deal with angry feelings in a healthy way- breathe, read, draw, write, exercise, talk. Give someone a boost when they need to have Courage.

Finally, when you make a mistake, give it another try! Have the Courage to say NO. Notice when someone else is showing Courage and praise them for it!

What is your favorite way to show courage? Inspire others through your comments below.

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