Understanding Why Happiness Is The Way Of Life

Understanding Why Happiness Is The Way Of Life

Understanding Why Happiness Is The Way Of Life. Everyone is the architect of his own happiness. Unconsciously we hold on to many things that bring us stress, pain, and suffering. We believe there is nothing we can do to live with more ease and love. This is a mistake!

Being happy is completely different. Our attitude towards life influences whether we are happy or unhappy.

Understanding Why Happiness Is The Way Of Life. Those who only think negatively and feel bad about everything will never be able to lead a happy and content life.

Understanding Why Happiness Is The Way Of Life

Happiness means something different for every person. Happiness cannot be influenced, it is a spontaneous moment that comes suddenly and surprisingly and lasts only a short moment in our lives. Then this moment of happiness disappears as quickly as it came and we don’t know when and how it will come to us again.

Each person must find out for himself what his personal happiness is.

Gratitude and confidence, a positive attitude to life, whoever has that is happy.

Confident, optimistic attitudes towards life promote our feeling of happiness – inner life satisfaction, joyful states of mind, serenity, and calmness contribute to our feeling of happiness. We can increase our own feelings of happiness by doing things that are good for us and by surrounding ourselves with people we like.

For me, happiness means when all the people who are close to my heart are doing well. Having close friends and dear acquaintances makes me happy.

I have learned to enjoy beautiful moments and to take pleasure in small things. The memories of them, make me happy and I get positive feelings and thoughts from them.

Being happy means taking time to live. I love nature and I like to hike, this activity gives me joy and makes me happy. My family and close friends make me happy, when I am healthy I feel happy – I could list many more people, things, moments, and events that make me happy.

Important for being happy is certainly also the attitude towards ourselves – by accepting ourselves as we are with all our strengths and weaknesses. You have to believe in yourself, and respect and value yourself, this is a very important attitude towards life – it helps us to enjoy life and thus to be happy. The one who doubts himself cannot feel a state of happiness. He blocks himself.

It is important to believe in yourself, don’t pretend for others, just be yourself – then you can love yourself and be a balanced happy person.

I have learned in my life: The highest pleasure consists in the contentment with oneself, only then you can feel free inside and be happy.

I am not always happy either – there are days when I feel bad and don’t feel like doing anything – these bad feelings should not be suppressed, they are part of our life, just like being happy.


Stop always wanting to be right.

There are so many people who can’t stand the idea of being wrong. At all costs, they fight to convince the other person that they are in the right. Often this comes at the expense of a loving and open connection with each other. Whenever you find yourself fighting over the principle of being right, ask yourself: do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?

Stop trying to control everything.

A direct path to unhappiness is the idea that we can (and must) control everything, be it situations or people. We can prepare well and have many things our way, but in the end, things may turn out quite differently: Let it happen.

The more you accept that other people have their own needs and ideas, the less energy you waste on planning and controlling. The more you adjust to the fact that everything can turn out exactly the same or completely different, the freer and more independent you will become.

Stop looking for blame: Take responsibility for your happiness.

Looking for blame in others or in circumstances is a clever attempt by our minds to abdicate responsibility for our happiness. But with responsibility, we also relinquish our strength and power. We can be reasonably comfortable in the eternal victim status, but we can’t find our happiness that way.

Here are some tips on how to escape from the victim role:

1. Stop badmouthing yourself: respect yourself

Often we continuously have a negative, hypercritical voice in our head telling us how bad the world is and how bad we are too: Too small, too stupid, too fat, incompetent, not lovable, and not good enough.

Don’t believe everything your mind tells you, especially when it criticizes you. If you can’t manage to escape negative talk on your own, find a dear friend and ask them to help you. Our friends can immediately think of many things we are unbeatable at.

2. Give up your limiting ideas: Stay open to new things.

What we can or cannot do, what is possible or not, depends less on the world outside than on the world inside us. What we think determines our reality. Find out which beliefs are constricting you – and then let them go. Maybe you are afraid at first, maybe you doubt. Surprise yourself by doing something you would never think might be possible.

Stop complaining: Take your happiness into your own hands.

Complaining about everything forever doesn’t help anything – it only makes us “hard.” There are always things that don’t go so well. But it is our job and responsibility to make ourselves happy.

That means: either we change what’s bugging us. Or we consciously decide to focus our attention on the many small and big things that do us a lot of good: even if it’s just the blanket over our head that comfortingly protects us when we’re sad.

Positive thinking has a powerful effect: It does not mean that we talk ourselves into everything. Positive thinking means acknowledging that life is not always a glittering rainbow – and that we still take something from every situation that makes us stronger.

Understanding Why Happiness Is The Way Of Life

Stop criticizing others for being different from you. We are all different and yet at the same time we are the same, we all want to be happy. We all want to love and be loved. To be happy and to be understood.

Criticism is like a wedge between you and others. Focus on what connects you to others. Your relationships will become warmer and more fulfilling.

Stop trying to impress others: Stand by yourself without inhibition.

We often go to great lengths to be accepted and liked by others. It doesn’t work that way. The moment you drop all masks, give up all effort and are at peace with yourself, that is the moment people will be attracted to you.

What’s standing in the way of your happiness, when you can make creat happiness for yourself.

Accepting life for what it is, is difficult for those who have not found their purpose. The purpose of life is to fulfill your purpose. If you do not have a purpose, you will be perplexed about why you exist. Mankind has always wondered why they are here. Various theories have been explored to explain what life is about. Those who have found their purpose are too busy following their dream to question life.

There was a song a few years ago that said that life is just a bowl of cherries. Don’t take it seriously. Most of us know that life is more than fruit, but there is a grain of truth to the statement. Some people are unhappy because they take themselves too seriously. They haven’t learned to accept life for what it is. You can direct it by developing happiness for yourself.

Understanding Why Happiness Is The Way Of Life

Have you discovered what life is? Life is not about possessions, it is who you are. It is about trusting God and looking forward to a good life. For life to have the meaning you desire, you have to guide it. That has to do with having a positive attitude and heading in the direction you want to go.

Accepting Life is about chasing your dream. Your dream is to be happy in life.

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