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The importance of praying the right prayers.

Sometimes, prayers aren’t being answered, because they are not the right prayers to pray, at that particular moment. But in this article, I have some rare tips to enable you know the importance of praying the right prayers.

Your challenges will be solved quickly, when you pray the right prayers.

Whenever you want to lose weight, you can’t do that by eating junk foods. But you can do that by exercising and being on a diet.

Same with prayers.

If you have a challenge on family life, you can’t be praying the prayers of career. And expect your challenges on family life, to be solved.

When you pray the right prayers, you will notice that your challenges are being solved faster.

There was a time in my educational aspect, that I needed to gain admission into the university. But, circumstances weren’t favoring me. I was always lacking either one thing or the other.

So I took to prayers.

I prayed and prayed and prayed, but it always looked futile.

“What is wrong?” I asked myself repeatedly.

Then one Sunday morning, I heard a sermon about prayers and praying the right kind of prayers.

The sermon was pretty deep and I was so connected to it.

That day, I went back home, with a changed view about prayers. I was ready!

I got home and I remember locking myself in the house to look at the type of prayers that I need. “What are the prayers I need to pray presently?” I asked myself.

Educational prayers.

Then I looked at my education, and I formed prayers that focus and tackle my educational aspect of my life.

I prayed the right prayers and I worked hard.

That year, I gained admission into one of the best universities in my country.

This is just my personal experiences with prayers and praying the right prayers.

But, I encourage you to do your own little prayer research. Ask yourself questions. What are your present challenges? What prayers can you pray, that can tackle your present challenges?

When you pray the right prayers, your challenges will be solved faster. This is one of the importance of praying the right prayers

You establish a deeper connection with God, by praying the right prayers.

Prayers aren’t for solving our problems alone. Prayers can also be a medium to draw closer to God.

When you pray the right prayers, it’s like having a relationship with God and saying “I know what I’m doing”

Have you ever felt that when you are not close to God, you might have slight confusion in your prayer pattern?

God cherishes people that that diligently seek HIM and does obeys HIS commandments with all seriousness.

When you start praying the right prayers, your relationship with God will be strengthened.


With these 2 vital points, I’m certain that you’ve known the importance of praying the right prayers.

You should always learn the right prayers to pray for different circumstances. You should work on your targeted prayers, because that’s the best way to track your prayers and even know if they’ve been answered.

Do you know any other importance of praying the right prayers, that you would love to share with us? Please just comment below, let’s discuss.

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