Self-Love: The Magic Routine For Loving Yourself a Little More Each Day

Self-Love: The Magic Routine For Loving Yourself a Little More Each Day

Self-Love: The Magic Routine For Loving Yourself a Little More Each Day. Self-love is to stop worrying about the person we were and the person we will be. It’s coming back to the present, coming back to the person we are, and having full confidence in them.

“The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore.” ― C. JoyBell C.

Self-love means refocusing on yourself and putting yourself back at the center of your life. It is one of the pillars of living a happy and successful life. But, unfortunately, we have not learned to love ourselves.

Yes, we are alive and it is not by chance. We are on Earth and we have a place here.

That is why you should not be afraid to be you, you have your place, and love yourself with all your heart just for that.

To love yourself a little more, every day, take deep breaths. Take your time and feel the breath of life flow through your body.

So, what´s the magic routine for loving yourself a little more each day:

I smile to learn self-love

All too often we jump out of bed and the list of things to do is already running through our heads. Our face becomes concentrated and maybe even stressful.

Self-love means not putting stress on yourself, especially in the morning. So every morning, after breathing ten times, smile. No reason. Just smile.

Let your smile infect all the other parts of your face and infuse its simple joy into your whole body and heart.

Life is magic, it’s a miracle you’re here reading these words, so don’t let stress dictate your life.

Loving yourself a little more, every day is learning to make your joy your priority, and that starts in the morning.

So remember to smile when you wake up!

I set an intention to develop self-love

Too often we live our days on autopilot. Yes, we do what we do all the time and just react to the problems that come and go.

In fact, we rarely take control of our days. Yes, we let our thoughts, habits, others, and the vagaries of life tell us what to feel and experience in each moment. When the power is ours to use in every moment.

Self-love is about taking back control of our lives. And, it requires an intention: what is important to you today? What do you want to experience today?

Don’t let the vagaries of life decide for you. Yes, decide what you want to see in your life! Indeed, you attract to you what you desire. So, ask yourself each day to announce what you desire most and let your desire come to you.

In order to love yourself a little more, think of clearly formulating an intention for your day each day. In this way, you take your happiness back into your own hands and you no longer feel like a victim of others and of life.

I compliment myself

Just as we have not learned to love ourselves, we have not learned to compliment ourselves. Indeed, we have been told that this is prideful.

And yet… Complimenting ourselves is magic!

 It opens our hearts to the good and beautiful in ourselves. And only in this way can we offer all this to the world.

It’s time to revise our belief that complimenting ourselves is prideful. It is not. In fact, complimenting ourselves is the surest way to offer the best of ourselves to the world and to others.

Self-love is about revealing ourselves to ourselves, about seeing the good and beautiful in ourselves.

To love yourself a little more each day, give yourself two compliments: One compliment on your body and the second on your heart qualities. In fact, every day, take good care of your light, and feed it with sweet words!  

I praise myself to develop self-love

Just as we don’t know how to compliment ourselves, we don’t know how to congratulate ourselves either. In other words, every day we don’t feel like we are doing things right or even evolving and growing.

Yet every day is an opportunity for us to learn and become even better. It is not about performance, but rather about human qualities.

It is not about what you do for others, but rather what you do for yourself.

Self-love is about being aware of the path you walk every day, of all the little seeds you sow. Because life is not about waiting to be perfect, it is about learning and becoming better every day.

Life is a path, not a destination. So don’t wait until you are like this or like that to love yourself. Love yourself simply because you are already on the way and that is all you have to do: learn, grow, and progress.

Therefore, to love yourself a little more, every day, take a few moments to congratulate yourself on something. Something that you have done, that you have learned, or that you have understood. Yes, every day, see how far you have come and be proud of it.

Self-Love: The Magic Routine For Loving Yourself a Little More Each Day

I forgive myself

We make mistakes and we always will. So stop believing all those guilt-inducing beliefs that perfection is possible and necessary.

In fact, you have every right to make mistakes. It’s even perfectly normal.

How can we learn? How can we grow?

Do you really believe that one day we will be finished learning? Because there is so much to learn and making mistakes is the natural process of learning.

Throughout our lives, we will make mistakes.

So what are we going to do? are we going to continue to feed our shame and guilt, a little more every day?

What if we stopped?

Self-love is about understanding and accepting that our mistakes are part of the path. For in every mistake there is a lesson, an opportunity for us to learn something and become better people.

That is why, in order to love yourself a little more, every day, make a habit of forgiving yourself for your mistakes, all of them!

Know that for some mistakes you will have to forgive yourself again and again, and that is perfectly normal. Forgiveness is also a process.

Self-Love: The Magic Routine For Loving Yourself a Little More Each Day

I make peace, the last step in the magic routine for loving yourself

All too often, starting in the morning, our mind turns to the past and we torture ourselves with our mistakes and regrets. Moreover, it turns to the future, and we become anxious because we think that we will never be able to face the problems we imagine.

How can we love each other in these conditions?

Indeed, yesterday we were not good enough and tomorrow we still won’t be.

It is normal to have regrets about yesterday, but let’s remember that it is thanks to yesterday that today we have learned lessons and are doing better. Yes, we have learned from the person we were, so we should replace our shame with gratitude.

Secondly, it is normal to dread the future and not always feel up to it. Yes, the unknown is scary. But here, let’s remember that today we are doing our best and preparing for tomorrow. We will make mistakes, for sure, but we will learn! And that is the most important thing.

So, to love yourself a little more each day, remember to always come back to now and tell yourself that you are doing your best and that you are a beautiful person, despite your mistakes and your weaknesses.

Look at everything you’ve been through. You have come through it well. And you will again.


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