REINVENT YOUR PERSONALITY – Why You Can Be Who You Want to be. Now let’s be honest: How many personality tests have you done in your life? Be it tests from gossip magazines, tests to find out which profession suits you, funny online tests that tell you which film character you are, or maybe even psychological tests. Personally, I’ve definitely always enjoyed something like this, because the subject of personality just fascinates me tremendously.

And I’m not alone there. It’s not for nothing that the internet is teeming with different personality tests. Such tests are so popular because we humans simply feel the need to place ourselves somewhere. Belonging somewhere. We just want to know who we are and where our strengths lie. We want to know which partner suits us, which profession, and which lifestyle. And sometimes we just need a little help with that.

We want to develop our personalities and understand who we are. But what if we could define our personality ourselves? What if we are actually who we want to be? What if we could change and reshape the way we see ourselves and the world?

Who are we?

To do this, we first have to understand that our personality is much more elastic and flexible than we might assume right now. We are the person we are today only because we chose it when we were younger. This decision was of course much more subconscious than conscious. There were certain events in our life that led us to make this decision.

We form most of our paradigms and beliefs between the ages of 0-7. As babies and toddlers, we are not yet conscious, which means that our minds are very open and we therefore literally soak up all the information around us. These formed paradigms determine our perception, our habits, our self-image, and much more.

During this time we begin to define ourselves. Even if not consciously. And mostly we stay exactly as we decided back then. Unless something happens that suddenly causes us to question and redefine ourselves.

Do we define ourselves?

We often live out a certain personality that we defined at some point in our childhood on the basis of certain events and experiences. And it never occurs to us that we may not be that personality at all. Or that we don’t have to be that personality forever if we don’t like it.

Our personality is our personal reality. In English, the word “personality” can be broken down into “personal reality”. So our personality is what we see as our personality. How we see ourselves. The importance we give to our properties.

REINVENT YOUR PERSONALITY – Why You Can Be Who You Want to be. The story we tell about ourselves becomes our reality. We write our own story. If we want to change our personalities, then we also have to change the story we tell about ourselves.

The creation of your personality

When you look at a baby, you know immediately that it is completely itself. It doesn’t pretend to be liked, has no filters that falsify its perception, does not interpret anything into your actions based on previous experience, and doesn’t lie to you to make yourself look better. It is just completely itself and does not pretend.

But as soon as we get a bit older, we have certain experiences that shape our worldview and our self-image. We often believe what the adults around us say and that’s how we define our personality.

For example, when I was very young, I didn’t like talking to strangers, even if my parents knew them. My parents then told these people that they shouldn’t worry about it, that I was just shy. This statement then shaped my self-image as I took it to be true. And this belief then became a kind of filter through which I saw the world and myself from that point on. So I defined myself as shy and acted accordingly.

Is our personality flexible?

But our unconsciously defined personality is not always the same either. For example, we behave differently depending on our mood. Sometimes we are full of energy and feel like talking to lots of people. And sometimes we also enjoy being alone and not talking to anyone. With some people, we are open, with others closed. We behave differently at work than at home.

Our personality is made up of many different parts. And in different situations, we show different aspects of ourselves. We all have multiple personalities that make us up as a whole. We’re all a little bit schizophrenic.

We have already established that our personality is our personal reality and the way in which we see the world and ourselves. And through this filter, we evaluate and define all of our experiences. But what if we could remove that filter? What if we could rewrite our history? What if we could drop our old paradigms and beliefs and see them in a new light?

To do this, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • What beliefs are behind my self-image?
  • What would I have to believe in order to be the person I want to be?

REINVENT YOUR PERSONALITY – Why You Can Be Who You Want. Do you define yourself as wrong?. As soon as we ask our mind a question, it starts looking for answers. And maybe all of a sudden a certain event from your childhood comes to mind. Maybe you were laughed at while giving a presentation in elementary school and have since defined yourself as someone who is afraid of speaking in front of people.

Or you got into trouble with your parents because you lost money and because of this event you defined yourself as a person who cannot handle money. It can be a tiny experience that has a huge impact on our future.

How to remove your filters

But once we are aware that we have these beliefs and perspectives within us, we can change them. Awareness is always the first step. We now know that these beliefs are not true, that they are from our childhood, and that we have simply never questioned them. As soon as this becomes clear to us, we can start removing the filters.

And we do that very easily by looking at these beliefs and becoming aware of them. We may wonder what the lesson is behind them. What we learned from them. And then we can let go of them and make the decision to redefine ourselves. That simple decision can change everything.

REINVENT YOUR PERSONALITY – Why You Can Be Who You Want. We don’t have to be shy all our lives if we don’t want to be shy. Or be selfish if we don’t want to be selfish. We don’t have to be in debt all our lives because we say we can’t handle money. No! We can write a new story about ourselves.

This means that we can decide for ourselves who we want to be. We can decide for ourselves which properties we want and which we don’t. And then we have to start telling this story about ourselves and act accordingly. This also means that we should stop justifying our undesirable behavior! Instead, we should address and work with our downsides.

In conclusion, we can choose who we want to be. We can define our personality ourselves. And to do that, we simply have to act like the person we want to be. Everyone can be who they want to be. We don’t need to define ourselves through a personality test, nor through our past. If you don’t like who you are right now, find something good about it first. And if you still want to change it then change it!

Thanks for reading.

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