Push Through The Brokenness: Do NOT Stop

Push Through The Brokenness: Do NOT Stop

Push Through The Brokenness: Do NOT Stop. Keep pushing through the brokenness, and do NOT stop.  Remember why you had to let some people go.

You may experience things in life that are so challenging they almost take your breath away. What transpired, from where did that emerge, and why, are the questions that remain unanswered? You know you gave everything you had and tried your best, so why are you so confused?

But the anguish and devastation have clouded your judgment and made you unsure of a number of things. Additionally, it can make you feel depressed, lonely, hopeless, and unworthy.

You could even wonder if God is aware of your struggles. In order to test whether He is still present, you occasionally even beg for just a touch from Him. He Is.

Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. You’re pressing, you’re pushing, you’re clawing, you’re dragging.

It may be difficult. It may seem impossible. But there is a reward at the end of this pain. You need to push through the brokenness, do NOT stop. 

Reassembling certain broken things won’t make them better since the damage is too severe. There are times when one must start again and rebuild, but do so better than before. Only Jesus has the power to restore you to your former glory. As you are being repaired and rebuilt by the potter, allow the power and peace of God to enter.

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