Perseverance And Patience

perseverance and patience

Perseverance and patience. Most people mistake perseverance for patience, and they ignore these rare facts.

Perseverance is the combination of endurance and patience. And patience is the combination of perseverance and endurance.

Let me break it down.

When you have patience, it means you are well aware of the challenges going on presently, but you wouldn’t be broken by the challenges. You will instead, continue to strive and keep your head high in optimism and positivity.

Things happen for a reason. And everyone experiences his/her own storms of life. So when people come to me, telling me that they can’t hold on anymore to the thin line thread of perseverance, I explain to them something I call POSITIVITY IN PERSEVERANCE

What is positivity in perseverance?

Positivity in perseverance is when you persevere in a positive mindset.

The reason why some people claim they have perseverance, but end up being negative, is because, when they persevere, they do so in a negative mindset. They don’t believe things can change for the better, and they just push on, without any hopes again.

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Examples of persevering without positivity

When you say:

“well, let me just push on to see if something good will come out of my efforts”

“Let me work hard, even though no one might like my idea”

“People don’t like what I’m selling. People don’t want my services, people don’t care about what talents I have, but I will still continue pushing on, even though nothing good might come out of it”

Above are some of the examples of negativity in perseverance. You are just persevering, but your mind has given up.

And this is a very serious matter, because not everyone is aware of this, which makes it so harmful to some people’s overall mental health.

But, I have some examples of positive perseverance mindset statements that you will definitely love to adopt for inspiration.

Examples of persevering with positivity

“I know my idea and business is life-changing, and I know billions will benefit. So I’m going to continue pushing on and I will never give up”

“My talent will impact a lot of people, but I will continue pressing on, so that I can reach that checkpoint and people will notice my talent”

Statements like these will skyrocket your overall enthusiasm to persevere. These statements are what I call “Mindset statements”

Try to adopt positive mindset and statements, when you are in your persevering periods of life. Positivity and negativity in perseverance shows whether you will give up, or hang on.

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Perseverance And Patience

The word “patience” looks so familiar and easy to understand right?

But, what of it’s concept?

That’s where most people get it wrong.

Most people mistake “waiting” for being patient and that’s why they will always find it hard to be actually patient, because they have been waiting all their lives.

Patience isn’t built. It’s is an attribute that’s already in us. It is developed.

So when you say “she doesn’t have patience, I don’t have patience, my mom doesn’t have patience”, that means you aren’t really getting the whole concept of patience.

Patience is when you expect something while being optimistic. You are expecting to get a job, and you are positive that you will get a job. That’s patience.

Patience has similar concepts to perseverance.

Perseverance and patience is when you won’t give up while you expect a breakthrough with all the positivity in you.

Read that again.

Perseverance and patience is when you won’t give up on your goals, while you positively expect something wonderful and great to happen.

Now, ask yourself.

Have you been persevering the right way?

Have you been patient the right way?

Ask yourself.

Reflect on your challenges and struggles. Reflect on your level of positivity.

Until you find out your level of positivity, you cannot have the peace of mind that you so much desire.

Do you want to find your levels of positivity, perseverance and patience? Then drop a comment below or contact us.

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