Pain as a Way to a Happy Life – Isn’t that Right?

Pain as a Way to a Happy Life

Pain as a Way to a Happy Life – Isn’t that Right? ” Turning to your pain, isn’t it a bad idea?  Doesn’t that go against common sense? Isn’t the pain itself unpleasant enough to look at? Is it even normal to wallow in your pain? Isn’t that masochistic? After all, I came to this world not to suffer here, but precisely to finally live the way I wish. Shouldn’t it be painless? 

Pain as a Way to a Happy Life – Isn’t that Right?

I have received similar questions many times. Yes, it can look upside down. But pain as such has its unique place in human existence. It is a natural part of it.

Pain is our driving force. It develops us and helps us mature. It forces us to look for new possibilities. And without her awareness, it is not possible to heal even old wounds. Well, no, it really can’t be done without her.

Pain as a Way to a Happy Life – Isn’t that Right?

An intimate relationship with pain

When we stop avoiding our pain and the closer we are to it, the more we learn to communicate with it.  Instead of being her, we learn to relate to her in the right way. It takes courage and guts. And a willingness to try the untested. 

Sometimes I often hear people saying:  “But why should I immerse myself in my pain even more? What’s the point?

After all, I already know her perfectly.” Yes, certainly, but not in a way that really makes constructive sense. If so, this question could not be asked.
Pain as a Way to a Happy Life – Isn’t that Right?
Most of us know our pain somehow, but most of the time we try to run away from it. We are always looking for solutions to get rid of it instead of learning how to relate to it in a healthy way. 

Yes, many of our wounds can be healed. However, pain as such is a natural part of life, and our success and sense of happiness largely depend on how we learn to live with it.

I know very few people with a healthy relationship with their own pain. Most of us experience not only our own pain but mainly, pain from avoiding pain. If we don’t learn to have a healthy relationship with our pain,  we will experience good moments in life, but we will still not experience true happiness.

And if we fail to avoid the pain, we will feel it again. And we won’t know what to do with it. When we avoid life, it still catches up with us and shows us that it is not always pleasant and that pain just exists.

And for a simple reason. Instead of living life, we will always be looking for a way to keep ourselves in a state where nothing hurts, which is pleasant and safe. 

We become addicted to whatever will most reliably get us out of any pain. And as quickly and painlessly as possible. And real life will pass us by.

Pain as a Way to a Happy Life – Isn’t that Right?

Pain itself is not a problem.  It is a signal of what the surrounding environment is like for us and how we experience ourselves. It is a natural part of our journey. He can be an amazing mover. 

However strong or unpleasant it is, it forces us to make changes, it strengthens us, it forces us to move forward, to wake up.
The problem is how we approach pain and turn it into suffering. 
Suffering occurs when, instead of establishing a constructive relationship with our pain, we identify with it. And then, thanks to this, we emphasize it so much that we begin to perceive it excessively personally. I’m not saying you have to love pain. I’m just saying that you can relate to her differently than you’re used to.

We create suffering through our attitude

It is something that always only makes the pain worse and certainly does not help us explore it and establish a healthy relationship with it. Pain cannot be avoided in life. However, how we deal with suffering (victim attitude) is up to us.

Entering pain and consciously exploring it awakens us from our illusions and naivety. Thanks to this, we can create a new and healthier life. It helps us to be more aware. They always set us free in the end.

Consciously experiencing pain also automatically reduces suffering. If we are not afraid to go through the pain, it will either significantly weaken or disappear completely. A paradoxical movement can even happen, when on the other side (when we go through the pain) exactly the quality that we lacked and because of whose absence we felt the pain appears in our experience.

Pain as a Way to a Happy Life – Isn’t that Right? Happiness and freedom in life are not gained by eliminating all pain, but by building a deep and intimate relationship with pain.

In order to do this, we must face the fear of pain within us. We must be willing to feel it. And also face our inner demons that say we shouldn’t do it. We will always meet you on the way to liberation. And they will test us to see how serious we really are. And if we go through and break free or give up. That’s up to us.

In conclusion

Can you find the courage to do it?

Will you develop a healthy and trusting relationship with your own pain?

I believe so!


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