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Overcoming Burnout: Be Consistent And Patient

Overcoming Burnout: Be Consistent And Patient

Overcoming Burnout: Be Consistent And Patient. Almost every one of us has experienced burnout while striving and working hard toward achieving our goals.

We might have felt that we can’t do it anymore… And would want to give up. You might feel like you’re going through a mental or emotional breakdown, and everything around you is so discouraging. Life seems hard. But the key is to keep taking small steps. No matter how small they are, they will keep you going.

Overcoming Burnout: Be Consistent And Patient

Compassion fatigue and moral anguish are two additional disorders related to the workplace that are linked to burnout. Since the method of therapy should differ accordingly, burnout should be distinguished from other conditions related to the workplace.

It’s interesting to note that each of these notions, which represent pathological states or work-related dysfunction, is opposed by a term that describes healthy work-related functioning. In other words, addressing burnout should result in engagement, addressing compassion fatigue should result in compassion satisfaction, and addressing moral anguish should result in moral success.

These latter ideas can be viewed as underpinning clinician resilience and ought to be included in clinician-workplace wellness. When one concept is highlighted, the others are likely to follow, and improving one would probably improve them all.

Overcoming Burnout: Be Consistent And Patient

The first step is to SPOT THE SYMPTOMS, as it can lead to various health problems. Burnout affects the brain which can result in impacting creativity, working memory, problem-solving, and loss of motivation and optimism. So HEAL YOURSELF, and prevent the symptoms to avoid motivational burnout.

There are multiple ways to heal and even prevent burnout. You must take your time off on a regular basis and most importantly, don’t work on weekends and REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN!. Keep yourself motivated and passionate and don’t be afraid of saying ‘no’ as sometimes it is necessary to draw your boundaries and limits. Furthermore, you must keep separate your personal and work life, this will certainly reduce the chances of motivational burnout.

Overcoming Burnout: Be Consistent And Patient

The aim of burnout prevention or treatment strategies is engagement, which is mutually exclusive with burnout. Engagement depends on the compatibility between the workplace and the individual. It can be developed in the attitude, actions, motives, and worldviews of doctors.

Engaged clinicians feel nourished by their profession and own personal agency, and believe they have the power to influence results. One has a sensation that their efforts are meaningful.

In contrast, engagement may become unbalanced when work is motivated by fear, escapism, or compulsion, as well as the belief that one’s work serves little purpose for anyone other than oneself. This describes the depressing experience of burnout, which results in fatigue, pessimism, cynicism, physical illness, and mental illness.

Overcoming Burnout: Be Consistent And Patient

Another important factor is to have a good sleep routine, it can cure many problems, especially psychological ones. It is a great idea to go to bed early and get up early in the morning. It means you will be much fresher the next morning and have a lot of time left in the day to spend your efforts on.      

In conclusion

A problem shared is a problem halved” If you are feeling more stressed, talk to somebody whom you trust whether he is your colleague, a friend, or a family member.

You must try to avoid motivational burnout and be consistent and patient to complete your task. Be focused, fight with the hurdles, and at the end of the day, no matter how close you are to giving up, JUST TAKE THE NEXT STEP.

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