Why It’s Our Duty to Preserve the Environment

Our Duty to Preserve the Environment

We have always depended on nature to provide us with resources for making life on earth possible. It is now Our Duty to Preserve the Environment.

The Environment provides us even with basic resources like air, water, and food, and we are in constant interaction with nature.

We are embedded in it as a thread in a piece of cloth, and we can not ignore the fact that every step we take has an impact on the nature around us, and that will directly affect the human species.

So why do we keep destroying it? We are destroying our own species and diminishing our own future. Every one of us has to take the responsibility to save ourselves, and preserve the environment we are living in. 

The environment is our mutual interest, and preserving that is our duty toward nature and our fellow humans. You have to stand up! and not let the resources, as well as other humans, die.

Your future generations are at stake, and they demand us to preserve the resources. When the earth offers you, love, you have to return it back by loving the earth and the environment.

You impact the world around you every single day of your life, and YOU ARE THE ONE TO DECIDE if that impact would be positive or negative.  

What are you waiting for, for improving the world? It’s YOU who needs to change. Every second counts, and it is high time you start loving the wounded earth.

The small things you do for your environment can have huge impacts, so don’t think that you are powerless!

Nothing is going to get better if everyone thinks of themselves as powerless, You need to ACT! Stop the ones who are doing harm to the earth, and spread love, and compassion for nature which treats you with generosity and hospitality. Appreciate its love, reciprocate it and be the change.  

And we need to remember that :

“A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt 

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