My Message of Encouragement to All

My Message of Encouragement to All

You have to acknowledge that you are good enough and you are not inadequate. You are talented and skillful, and that’s a beautiful gift to offer this world.

I know that even now you still sometimes get frustrated with your personality type and wonder if you would have been better off if you were born someone else…but STOP that thinking right now! Your personality is rare and unique. It is beautifully complex.

Remember that every personality type has it’s own different strengths and weaknesses. You’re only feeling down because the strengths of some other personality types (where you are weak) are what seem to be most valued in your culture.

But remember that YOU also have strengths that THEY do NOT have. Where you are weak, they are strong. Where they are weak, you are strong. That’s one of the most beautiful things about humanity.

We all fit together like one giant puzzle or different parts of one body. Each piece has its place and purpose and each body part is a necessary part of the whole. YOU uniquely have something to offer the world. 

Remember your strengths and stop beating yourself up over your weaknesses. Everyone has weaknesses. Your weaknesses aren’t “worse”; they’re just different. Don’t forget about the amazing strengths you have.

My Message of Encouragement to All is: Your Dreams are NOT a Waste of Time!

I know some days you view your potentiality as a curse, but it is a true blessing! Many people wish they could have just a fraction of the talent you have. Not everyone has those abilities and talents like you do and that is beautiful.

That is a gorgeous part of who you are. And with time you will master all of the skills you are passionate about with hard work and determination. It will all be worth it.

This is my message of encouragement to all. Know that there are people who care about you. So why do you worry so much about being a burden to them? I know you have a hard time sharing your struggles with others.

You’re used to carrying everyone else’s burdens and doing everything you can to help them, but rarely receive the same in return. You care SO much about others and you wouldn’t ever want to be a burden to anyone so you keep your hurts to yourself and suffer in silence.

Remember this message of encouragement and never to give up. I’m sure you have friends who are ready to help you. Friends who have been blessed by what you’ve done for them and would be happy to repay your kindness by being there for you. Let them love you. They Want to love you. Because they do love you!

I hope these words encourage you, my friends. Don’t ever forget to believe in who you are. You are an amazing human being and people love you. I love you. You are not alone. Everyone has their own struggles, their own battles to fight, and their own doubts about themselves.

So don’t you dare beat yourself up for that. And don’t listen to the lies. Don’t forget who you really are. Because YOU are wonderful and the world is a better place with YOU. 


  1. Beautiful and true. Thank you Yusif reminding that, too often forgotten!

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