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My Big Life Puzzle: Seek And You Will Find

My Big Puzzle: Seek And You Will Find

My Big Life Puzzle: Seek And You Will Find. For some time now, I have been looking at my life and the world in a way that leads me to consider everything as a big puzzle.

The pieces are numerous, visible or hidden, it remains for me to find them and assemble them.

Sometimes these pieces are mixed with other pieces of the puzzle that do not concern me. They arrived by chance, by lack of organization, by negligence, but they are not part of my personal puzzle.

It’s up to me to sort them out: which pieces are relevant to me? where should I place them? how should I combine them? where do they fit?

My Big Life Puzzle: Seek, Discover, Persevere, and You Will Find

Sometimes a piece seems to be missing. Have I misplaced it somewhere? What does it look like? How do I find it? From assembling a puzzle, I now go on a treasure hunt.

For some, the puzzle fits easily, easily. The pieces are big, few, visible, and fit together in a jiffy. For others, the game is more complicated. This seems to be my case.

So, if you also find yourself in this description, I invite you on a playful trip to the land of puzzles. A way to build yourself through the days, the events, and your personal journey. Have a nice trip!


I was born with a puzzle in my hand, or rather a visual schema to reconstitute and a game to build throughout my life. But unlike a store-bought puzzle, I had neither the pieces nor the model… What did my puzzle look like, and how could I put it together?


As a child, I went into a large playroom. Thousands of puzzle pieces were lying around. Many of us wanted to play in this beautiful place! I was led to a space that was dedicated to me. I discovered several puzzle pieces that I had fun putting together little by little. Small ones, big ones, uniforms, multicolored ones… The people around me liked to play with similar pieces. We looked alike, and little by little I became unbeatable at putting puzzles together.


Then one day, I found myself in another area of this large playroom. The puzzles were numerous, the pieces spread out by thousands on the floor. Nothing very different at first glance from the games I had been playing the previous days.

However, I wanted to put together the first pieces of a puzzle following my childhood habits. But this time, the pieces did not fit together as easily. The puzzle pieces had unknown, uncertain shapes, and the previously acquired (and perfectly working) pattern no longer seemed relevant.

I then observed the other players, noticed how they put the pieces together, imitated them, and little by little I learned to have fun with these new games.

The passage to adulthood

One by one, I visited the different areas of this large playroom. I learned to put together multiple and varied puzzles, to be able to observe to notice the smallest differences.

Then I got tired of them… These models were nice, all different, but with a little hindsight I found a lot of similarities between them, and none of them really spoke to me. Or rather: each one had something I liked, and I would have liked to be able to take everything I liked and assemble them into a very personal puzzle.

That’s when I remembered my birth: I was born to create a puzzle, but I didn’t have the pieces or the pattern…

This game piece allowed me to identify several models, learn about different ways of assembling a puzzle, and discover the diversity of pieces that could be used in the composition of a puzzle.

Now, I had to go in search of the pieces I liked to create my big life puzzle.

My Big Life Puzzle: Seek And You Will Find

My treasure hunt

This new phase of my life became a great road. Not a single, monotonous and straight road, but rather a path where many junctions stand before you and invite you to choose your way.

According to my desires, circumstances, and sometimes influenced by my fellow travelers (family, friends, chance encounters…), I have traced my path and I have picked up little by little several pieces of the puzzle.

After analysis, some pieces turned out to be useless: I didn’t like the shape, the color, or the symbolism. So I put them back either in the place where I had found them or a little further on my way.

Neither good nor bad, they just didn’t suit me. I was sure, however, that they would soon find their way into another traveler’s bag.

From time to time I would sit on the edge of the path and contemplate my treasure. Each piece told a story that I liked to remember. Already, I could see how to put them together.

For others, I was still unsure of where to place them, but one day the message would be clearer. It was just a matter of being patient.

My Big Life Puzzle: Seek, Discover, Persevere, and You Will Find

My big puzzle

The years have passed, and my quest for puzzle pieces continues. I now regularly stop on the side of the road, look at the path I’ve taken, and pull out my puzzle pieces. I have already assembled many of them. For some of them, their place has become very clear to me.

For others, perhaps they will have to move. Although they fit relatively well with their neighbors, it is possible that another piece will fit better… Time will tell. For others, their place is very uncertain. I still keep them with me, not knowing if they are part of my puzzle or not. I find them beautiful, mysterious, and attractive.

Perhaps they are part of this great whole, but it is possible that they find a better place elsewhere, in a puzzle that I would enjoy observing from afar from time to time… but which will not be mine. Who knows?

An even bigger picture

What I have also realized along the way is that my puzzle is part of an even bigger puzzle. It becomes one piece of a whole where each person living on our beautiful blue planet has a place. Isn’t that a wonderful vision?

So my mission is not only to assemble the pieces of my puzzle but to find my place in the great puzzle of the world. From this will come a remarkable harmony, the creation of which is already underway…

My Big Puzzle: Seek And You Will Find

Your puzzle is waiting for you

So you too, open wide the door of this fantastic world that invites you to play, invent, create, assemble, choose, gather, observe, and arrange! Go in search of the pieces of your puzzle and create the great puzzle of your life!


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