Make The Right Decision, By Making The Decision Right

Why Life Is a Wonder

Make The Right Decision, By Making The Decision Right. Be yourself and understand that you can only make the right decision, by making the Decision in the right way. 

Never underestimate the impact your decision can have on your life. Sometimes under the pressure of making the correct decision, all or none of our decisions may even seem right.  

Make The Right Decision, By Making The Decision Right

The best decision-makers let the situation guide them. The more experience you have with a particular type of a decision, the safer it is to go with your intuition. 

Our lifelong experiences should fortify our wisdom and clarify our decisions. Decisions you make should not stain your spirit. Do your best to act for the good of everyone, not just for your own good.

Decisions that hurt others and only benefit you will eventually turn against you. When in doubt, consult your moral code. Keep your conscience clean by making your decisions right. 

Nothing keeps us stagnant like our own fear, impatience, and frustration. Moving forward with the right choices means we must eliminate these emotions.

If we weren’t afraid of anything, we would act with incredible courage. If we weren’t so impatient, we would wait until the right opportunity comes.

Understand that these feelings are impediments to the progress of your life and that when you eradicate them, your decisions no longer stem from your ego but from yourself.

Always remember this rule of thumb: never make a decision in desperation. Why do we often turn to our friends for guidance when we’re confused and when the right answers are all within us?

Make The Right Decision, By Making The Decision Right

It is always better to go within yourself and find the solutions there.

The truth is that we already know exactly what we must do and what will happen, if only we follow our internal feelings. 

Allow yourself to be instructed by your inner voice. Note the difference in results when you overanalyze versus when you intuit your way down the right path. 

Positive thoughts turn on the “possibility” switch: when we think something good can happen, we take the right actions to ensure it comes true. If we decide it’s time to make a positive change for ourselves or the environment, we may take more time getting ready and excited about doing it. 

“Trust your instincts, and make judgments on what your heart tells you. The heart will not betray you.” ~David Gemmell 


  1. A strong post and I can agree with everything. Making decisions right also includes timing which I know you commented on. Look up the story by the head of google that talks about a cockroach in a restaurant. It exemplifies the difference between reacting and responding.

    That leads to my second point and that is storytelling. I think humans learn better from stories. I know everyone grows up hearing stories and those stories are the gift wrap around a message. But that gift wrap helps us remember the message, and your post I think is the message but without the gift wrap it isn’t as lasting.
    I hope my comment is accepted as it is offered, merely a suggestion and my opinion only. My best to you in Germany with your family. sincerely Dave

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