Let Your Pain Be Your Passion!

Let Your Pain Be Your Passion

Let your pain be your passion. Ultimately, the path you take in life is your own creation. You determine it through your energetic resonances, conscious or unconscious. Ideally, it would be preferable to do this consciously, namely to shape your destiny so that your life aligns with the things that arouse your passion and enthusiasm.

“Pain is the interface where mind and body meet. It is the pain of separation, the pain of wounds, and the psychological hurt of rejection. It is a phenomenon that encompasses all of human life.”

Pain is one of the body’s means of communication. It’s a hint to us – wait, something’s wrong here. Attention, danger is imminent here. 

You can theoretically understand why pain is a useful function of the body, of course, nobody likes to be in pain. Our usual reaction to it is exactly that: we ignore it, want to get rid of it, or fight it. 

Let Your Pain Be Your Passion!

First of all, let me tell you that in my mind the word “passion” has a positive meaning, it is a mechanism that helped me develop and become the person I am today.
My natural origins, if I had accepted them without…” the mechanism of passion” I think they would have taken me down, I mean they would have led me – at least – to depression!

So, from a very early age, I discovered that I have a very sensitive psyche, very vulnerable, fragile that could not stand disapproval, “charges”, cancellations…

When I was faced with them, I was hurt, angry, closed in on myself, in general, a castle was gigantic in front of me…I thought about extreme things either to harm the other side or to harm myself…I experienced it torturously!

As I grew older. I began to discover that the specter of pain was…redemptive…it was what transmuted pain into something unimaginable…into the great joy of finding that I would improve upon that which I had been insulted or invalidated for…that is, I began to I get pleasure from what is not usual for the rest of the people.

I did not want to accept the natural flow of things based on my DNA or the admonition from my family environment.

It was a challenge for me to differentiate strongly… I wanted to see if I could achieve it… and yes – I believe – I have succeeded! 

So it has been engraved in me that when I am at the point of pain, if I can endure it there, understand what it is that makes me hurt and deepen, then I will surely discover the way on the one hand to overcome it and on the other hand to improve my defense system for that matter.

This takes “passion”…to stand, endure and then move into the nascent liberation phase.

Passion is a process that definitely stems from genetic material, but more so I think it is worked on, or built.

It is a bit counter-characteristic for the time we live in, which wants us to have superficial, easy solutions & recipes, and I think that because it is increasingly being launched to “work” – at all levels – productively, so quickly “passion” is not allowed because it is a slower process and of course deprives human nature of the joy of redemption!

My thoughts may be a bit confused…but for me, passion is what I am glad to have in my quiver, it has helped me a lot, in all areas of my life!

Let Your Pain Be Your Passion!

I would like and I am trying to be an “influencer”, especially to the young children, and let them understand that whatever they tackle from the most trivial to the most important, they should show the required passion so that they can experience the ultimate. it is a source of real joy! 













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