Indeed a dark wind has blown

Indeed a dark wind has blown

Indeed a dark wind has blown. It is common knowledge that the world is not in normal times due to the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone is trying to stay safe in order not to be a casualty of this novel virus which has already claimed over one hundred and twenty thousand lives the world over. Everybody is trying to help salvage the situation one way or the other.

Ghanaian writer and poet, Nana Fredua-Agyeman Jnr. has written a piece on the current state of affairs in the universe. It is entitled, ‘Dark Wind’. The poet celebrated his birthday on April 13, and says this is his present to the world in this time of adversity.

Read below:

Indeed a dark wind has blown.

Did we anticipate our securities turning into insecurities?
What about clutching for necessities due to lack of amenities?
Making the wealthy vulnerable
And the needy honourable

If only humanity had not exhibited such intense callous
We would have eschewed all forms of pretense and pompous
Now we live in uncertain times
Of which some have attributed to certain crimes

Let us not lose focus in the battle for survival
In our quest for redemption and revival
We must keep afloat the concept of we
Whilst suppressing the idea of me 

An indication of how the world is connected
Proven by the ripple effect when one gets infected
We live together in isolation 
Giving left overs as donation and seeking recognition

I need you, you need them, they need us
In order to stay alive
Appreciate the sacrifices of those on the battlefield, thus
A thumbs up to one another as we strive

In trying times we need to be each other’s keeper
Undergo soul searching and delve deeper
Rather, if we become disillusioned and derail
The enemy will prevail

It is not a moment to care for your own
Without tagging along those left alone
For it is such shakiness shown
That makes the ice cream drop from the cone 
Indeed a dark wind has blown
Un vento oscuro ha soffiato

After the murkiness cometh clarity
To value mankind under the scope of parity
We will surely overcome this test in our class
Being hopefully certain all shall pass

SourceNana Fredua-Agyeman Jnr.

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