How to set the right strategies to achieve your new year resolutions in 2021

As an human, you love it when you begin the new year and set some solid goals. The enthusiasm is high and you are in high spirits of a great year ahead, even though you might not know how to set the right strategies to achieve your new year resolutions in 2021.

This is often a particular aspect that’s frequently ignored. And it can lead to you being overwhelmed and not having a clear road map of how to achieve your new year goals.

But, I’ve done my personal research and I’ve added my own experiences, so that you can know how to set the right strategies to achieve your new year resolutions in 2021.

Monthly Strategies

Monthly strategies to achieve your goals in 2021

The first step is breaking down the year 2021 into months. 12 months make up a year. So we have 12 months in 2021.

After separating the year into months, try to break down your goals and insert them into the months.

For example, if I have a goal of reading 24 books in 2021, I will simply divide those 24 books by 12, making it 2 books per month.

So if I want to achieve my goal of reading 24 books a month, I will simply have to read 2 books per month.

You can see that by doing this, I am able to effectively stay on track with my monthly strategies, which makes the whole process easier and not overwhelming.

Weekly Strategies

Weekly strategies to achieve your goals in 2021

After dividing your goals into monthly strategies, you will then divide the monthly goals into weekly strategies.

For example,

My goal is:

Read 24 books in the year 2021.

Then read 2 books every month, for 12 months. (Monthly)

Then my weekly strategy will be to read 1 book per 2 weeks.

So, I’ve succeeded in creating a year goal, then breaking it down to monthly strategies, then weekly strategies.

The same thing goes for any of your goals.

If you want have a goal to run for certain kilometers every year, then you can set monthly strategies and also weekly strategies.

Now that you’ve seen the answer to your question, let me now share one of my experiences of setting strategies and how I went about it.

Accomplish smaller tasks and you will be in the right and positive mindset to face more challenging tasks.

Do you know that, on the days I lay my bed every morning, I get more optimistic and positive, than the days I don’t?

It’s a secret that I’m telling you. When you do the small morning tasks, you will feel energized, happy and impatient to try out the remaining tasks for the day.

How to achieve your goals and new year resolutions

When you accomplish simple tasks like laying your bed, praying, meditating and exercising, your brain will be activated in the winning mode. Your entire self will be on the green side.

If you can get up from the bed and do simple tasks like: laying your bed, praying, meditating, exercising, drinking a glass of water, then you will feel like a winner. And you will want to achieve other tasks set for that day.

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This daily energy can really help with your monthly and weekly strategies of achieving your New Year resolutions.


Sometimes, you might have a goal and don’t know how best to set monthly/weekly strategies that could work. It’s okay.

You can simply contact us or just call any of your close friend(s) that would love to brainstorm the best strategies that would work out for you.

I tried to make this article precise and full of solid points only. But I’m optimistic that you’ve already been enlightened on How to set the right strategies to achieve your new year resolutions in 2021.

Thanks for reading.

You can surely ask questions or make suggestions in the comment section below.

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