Fear: A Beautiful Liar

“Fear: A Beautiful Liar” is a powerful phrase that conveys the idea that fear can be deceiving and misleading. making it appear attractive or necessary when, in reality, it may be holding us back from our true potential and happiness.

one feeling of unworthiness in the heart can easily create ten fears in the mind.”


Fear is a natural human emotion designed to protect us from potential dangers and threats. In some situations, fear can be essential for our survival and well-being. However, fear can also become a barrier that prevents us from pursuing our dreams, taking risks, or embracing change.

Fear can manifest in various ways, such as fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, or fear of stepping out of our comfort zones. It may convince us to stay in familiar, safe situations, even if they are not fulfilling, rather than facing the uncertainty of new opportunities.

Fear: A Beautiful Liar. Fear can create a false perception of danger or failure, causing us to avoid taking risks or stepping outside of our comfort zone. It may lead us to believe that we are not capable of achieving our goals or that we are not worthy of success and happiness.

In this context, the term “beautiful liar” suggests that fear can be captivating and persuasive, luring us into its grasp with its allure of protection and caution. It disguises itself as a well-meaning friend, warning us of potential dangers, but in the process, it keeps us from fully embracing life and reaching our full potential.

Challenging the Fears

The way to success demands courage, determination, and hard work. We are all dreaming and wish to be successful one day. Sometimes you just need the courage and boldness to chase your dreams but ‘fears’ make you feel that you can not do it. Fears can severely impact your ability to achieve personal goals. We are one way or the other affected by the fear of failure, the fear to stand up for ourselves, and the fear of rejection. How you deal with your fears will impact your ability to achieve and sustain success.

The fear of failure

The inability of someone to meet an expectation comes with a lot of negative thoughts. How society will think of him or her, how to start again, and the frustrations that come with failures sometimes discourage people not to even start doing something. Some people decide not to try at all because they can’t stand all the disappointment, humiliation, and shame failure brings. If you’re afraid to fail, then how can you achieve success? know that the road to success is not smooth so it’s ok to fail but when you fail, don’t give up, try again and again until you succeed.

The fear to stand up for ourselves

The environment we found ourselves contributes much to how we react to some issues. Some people did not get the chance to interact with a lot of people or engage in activities. These people have low self-esteem and their confidence level too is low. They tend to make decisions based on other people’s ideas because the courage to speak for themselves and make the right decisions for their life is not there. To be able to challenge your fears, understand that saying ‘no’ can be a good thing. If you’re able to do this, trust me, it will save you from uncomfortable situations. People can not take advantage of you anymore and you can plan the best for yourself.

The fear of rejection

Having thoughts of not being good enough has a negative impact on your life. People who fear rejection may struggle with low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and self-criticism. A person with past experience of rejection can make the person has fear to try again. Most of us want some level of acceptance from others, and it’s normal but do not be afraid to be rejected because as humans, you may experience this in a lifetime. It doesn’t mean you’re incapable, understand that it is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Avoiding our fears make them scarier, but challenging them makes us realize our capabilities. Let your passion burn brighter than your fears.

Fear: A Beautiful Liar

To overcome the influence of fear, it is essential to acknowledge its presence and the thoughts and beliefs that fuel it. By challenging the validity of our fears, understanding their origins, and reframing them in a more positive light, we can start to break free from their grip.

Remember, embracing courage and embracing uncertainty may be daunting, but it can lead to transformative experiences and opportunities for personal growth.

As the saying goes, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” By recognizing fear as a potential liar and not letting it dictate our choices, we can step into our power and create a more fulfilling and authentic life.


By Lucy Adutwumwaa Akowuah Jnr.
Lucy Adutwumwaa Akowuah Jnr. is a philanthropist, motivator, and author of the “Never Say Never Book.”

She won the AFRICA EDUCATION AWARDS (AEA)2022 Student Blogger/Author of the Year.



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