Faith and Perseverance Conquers All

Overcoming Burnout: Be Consistent And Patient

Faith and Perseverance Conquers All things. Perseverance is the staying power to follow through and exert effort till the end to achieve your goals, dreams and vision.

“I do not think there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes almost everything, even nature” – John D. Rockefeller.

The person with the responsibility to chart a course must be ready to suffer all sorts of problems, insinuations, insults, destructive criticisms, and to succumb to insomnia. It normally should be the responsibility of everyone to be each other’s keeper.

Faith and Perseverance Conquers All. There is a need to have faith and persevere until success is achieved. One of the greatest qualities of champions and successful people is perseverance.

For most people, the typical journey to achieving success spans over a number of years sometimes even decades.

There are those lonely moments where no matter how much effort you put into your success journey. You seem to be spinning wheels and there is minimal in any movement.

It is tempting to get discouraged and wonder what the point of going on is. Worse still when you look around it seems as if others are making good progress on their goals.

What should one do to keep on going? How do you cope with the frustration? How do you keep on walking in the desert when you are thirsty and there is no water in sight?

One thing to remember is that many people who have succeeded have endured hardships, challenges and failures at some point in their life.

They kept going because they were determined to make a difference in both their lives and those of others.

Have a Clear Vision and know that there are very few overnight successes. Most people have to put in the work, put in the time and go the distance.

Your hunger for success should make you push yourself harder believing that one day you will make it. Your perseverance sets you apart from everyone else.

Faith and Perseverance Conquers All. Persevering is easier when you have a mental vision of where you are going.

Just like when you set out on a road trip you need to chart out in your mind a mental map of where you are going and how you will get there. Similarly in life, we need to have a mental map of what we want to achieve and accomplish for both our personal and professional lives.

A written down and clear vision helps you to be organized and helps in aligning your short term-term and long term goals and activities.

What you want to achieve should be very clear in your mind then you find a way to get you from here to there.

Keep pushing and enjoy the process of working towards your goals. Have the desire to succeed and dig in. The more you persevere, the better you become at it.

In the pursuit of success challenges and setbacks are ever-present like ocean waves lapping on a beach. The waves come and go, over and over in cycles. Sometimes the wave is hard and fast and sometimes it is soft and gentle.

When problems arise in someone’s journey to success, the magnitude of the problems can vary. The problem can be small and manageable or great and disarming that it knocks you down or takes you off course.

These are the delicate moments where you take a pause, assess and identify the problem. Remain calm as you analyze the situation. Whenever possible break down problems into smaller steps and figure out a plan of attack.

When you fall down find a way to get back up again. Bounce back. On the other hand, to avoid getting overwhelmed by setbacks. It pays on a regular basis to take good care of your health.

This contributes to your ability to persevere during stressful circumstances. By eating well, staying hydrated, exercising and resting adequately.

It positions you to be sober-minded in assessing challenges, and their impact on your progress towards success.

Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish. ― John Quincy Adams

Faith and Perseverance Conquers All. The second worst offender to progress is negative thoughts – the first offender to progress is inaction. Negative self-talk is a cancer to progress.

It causes many to quit prematurely when they face disappointments. Negativity wants you to feel sorry for yourself and doubt your abilities to succeed.

Think of yourself in a kind and positive way. Acknowledge all the things that you like about yourself. Everyone has something special to offer the world.

Avoid the pattern of thinking that just because you failed in one thing you will fail in everything. Struggles are a part of life.

A river forges its way by fighting rocks gradually over time until it has a well-defined path.

Finally, Remember back to when you were learning to ride a bicycle. It took determination to master balancing on a bicycle. But once you learned the pattern. It firmly imprinted in your mind.


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