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Faith and Perseverance can change your life

Faith and Perseverance can change your life

WHAT IT SHOULD MEAN TO YOU. My short poem to Inspire you. Let Us understand that; Faith and Perseverance can change our life.

A lonely man walks his path alone.

Looking for meaning for the unknown.

He set himself down and cast a stone.

As he felt faith was out of his zone. 

Each day we are given a lot of definitions. 

To what life is and its many conditions.

How one should live and their life missions.

Some even arraign and give people positions. 

But life is unknown to everyone out there.

It should be personal and not ever scare. 

It’s a pure form of faith that life is a prayer.

And perseverance in life could just spare. 

Forget what everyone else thinks about life. 

What is your faith on? What is your strife? 

Do you base it on your friends or your wife? 

Do you take it as less or is it considered rife? 

The man looks back on how he used to live.

The experiences from how he learnt to survive. 

The sweat he poured just to see himself strive.

The things he had to forget, forgo and forgive. 

He learnt that his lonely path was a gift, 

He no longer had to fend by using his fist. 

Life is more than he would ever have wished.

His faith restored; he’d chosen to resist & persist. 

Remember that, Faith and Perseverance can change your life.

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