Don’t Let The Pain Stop You!

Don’t Let The Pain Stop You!

Don’t Let The Pain Stop You! The sting of sorrow, the grief of heartache, It’s hard to bear, unaccustomed to handle. But you must remember that you are much tougher than these emotions that try to tear you apart.

For pain does not have to be the honest truth, although that’s often how it might feel. It’s only a moment that can be overcome.

It’s fight in your strength you must surely reveal.

In the depths of sadness the fog may still linger on, But trust in yourself and keep marching on.

Never let the hurt hinder you from your goals, For it can’t keep you from achieving them, that’s the truth you must hold.


Don’t Let The Pain Stop You!

The power of the human spirit lies waiting to be opened, Inspiration and motivation are quietly unspoken.

So don’t let the pain stop you, for you are Unique and In to succeed.


A heart full of pain, but your courage still stands strong, You’ll deny the pain and choose the length.

Your dreams won’t depart, despite the pain that marks your start.

You’ll keep pushing ’till the finish line, to defy the odds that gave you such a hard time.


Your drive and intense desire are what keep you going. You’ll see through it all and avoid being duped by the truth.

Your courage is rooted deep, and it’s clear to see, that nothing will stand in your way and nothing will set you free.


So keep going on your path with a strong heart and an even stronger mind. You’ll come out on top, for the pain won’t stop you this time.

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