Don’t Blame God for this Climate Change

Don't Blame God for this Climate Change

Don’t let us blame God for this Climate change, because we created this crisis all by ourselves. 

“People are the reason for changes in the world, so don’t blame god for things that man is responsible.” ~ Hermann J Steinherr. 

There are many countries where there has been a significant threat to life and dreadful damage to homes. And those people most affected will take a long time to recover. 

During these times, some people say, we should have had a little influence to keep things safe. Others joke that maybe this was some kind of judgement on us from God, maybe we have done something ‘bad’ in some way. 

I find the jokes very amusing, but let us not be mistaken, these extreme weather incidents are not “acts of God,” but have come about as a consequence of our own actions, it’s as a result of the way that we have been living.  

Don’t let us blame God for this Climate change. There have always been incidences of difficult and disturbing weather, but these are now intensifying and becoming more common because of climate change.  

These effects are being experienced around the world, with the long-term consequences on people in the world’s poorest countries.

If we are looking for someone to blame our troubles on, or if our troubles are pressing down on us too hard. Why blame it on God? He has never done you no wrong, and he never left you alone. 

It’s easy to blame God but harder to fix things. Sometimes we sleep on the bed then blame God for our problems. We turn our back on Him, by destroying the Nature he created, what do you expect Him to do.  

sometimes, I look around at this world and I ask myself. Why are we not doing anything to protect and save the beautiful earth He has given us? 

If we don’t make the changes necessary, and our lives become increasingly disrupted, there will be no point at all in blaming God.

It is time to take responsibility for how things are, and make the changes that are necessary. 


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