Build Strong Confidence & Destroy Fear

Build Strong Confidence & Destroy Fear

Build Strong Confidence and Destroy Fear. Think Confidently and Act Confidently. Confidence is not something you have, rather, it is something you create.  

Dr. George W. Crane Said in his famous book Applied Psychology, “Remember, motions are the precursors of emotions. You can’t control the latter directly but only through your choice of motions or actions.”  

When you go through the proper motions each day, you’ll soon begin to feel the corresponding emotions in your life.  

Psychologists tell us we can change our attitudes by changing our physical actions. For example, you actually feel more like smiling if you make yourself smile. You feel more superior when you make yourself stand tall than you slouch. On the negative side, frown a really bitter frown and see if you don’t feel like frowning. 

It is easy to prove that managed motions can change emotions. People who are shy in introducing themselves can replace this timidity with confidence just by taking action. For example, looking directly at the other person and saying, “I’m very glad to know you.”  

Remember, confident action produces confident thinking. So, to think confidently, act confidently. Act the way you want to feel.  

Hebrews 4:16 says: “Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.” 

Below are my Personal Two confidence-building practices that you can learn to build your Confidence. Then try to make a conscious effort to practice them and build your confidence. 

1.    Smile Big:  

You might have heard at one time or another that a smile will give you a real boost. Or you have been told that a smile is an excellent medicine for confident deficiency.  But you still don’t really believe this because you have never tried smiling when you feel fear. 

Make this little test. Try to feel defeated and smile big at the same time. The answer is you can’t. A big smile gives you confidence. A big smile beats fear, rolls away worries, and defeat despondency.      

A real smile melts away the opposition of others. Another person simply can’t be angry with you if you give him/her a big, sincere smile. Smile big and feel like “happy days are here again.”    

     2. Practice making an eye contact: 

How a person uses his eyes tells us a lot about him/her. Instinctively, you ask yourself questions about the fellow who doesn’t look you in the eye. We mostly ask, “what’s he/her trying to hide? Or what’s he/her afraid of?” 

Usually, failure to make eye contact says one or two things. It may say, “I feel inferior to you” or avoiding another person’s eyes may say, “I feel guilty.”  

Conquer this fear by making yourself look the other person in the eyes. Doing this tells the other person. You are honest and you believe in what you are talking about, and that you not afraid but rather confident. Practicing making an eye contact will not only give you confidence, it wins you confidence, too. 

Build Strong Confidence and Destroy FearAlways know that Action cures fear. Isolate your fear and then take a constructive action. Doing nothing about a situation only strengthens fear and destroys confidence in you. 

Make a supreme effort to put only positive thoughts in your mind. Never let negative thoughts grow into mental monsters in you. Rather simply refuse to recall unpleasant events or situations in your life. 

And finally, try to practice what your conscience tells you is right. Doing what is right is a very practical rule for success. Make everything about you say, “I’m confident, really confident.” 

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