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Believe in your Dreams!

Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be Successful

Plants emerge though asphalt, symbol for bright hope of life and success.

Believe in your dreams! Believe in what you can accomplish when you set your determination in motion! Limited thinking influencers who say “you can’t” or “that won’t work” are everywhere. Don’t listen to them! Block out the reasons why you can’t do something and focus on why you can do it!

Remember, greatness is measured by what you try to accomplish…not by what you don’t try to accomplish. If you want to climb the mountain, close your ears and listen to your heart! In the end, you’ll find the journal of your life…and your own personal legend…to be far more exciting.

Sometimes the answers to your questions are not where you have grown accustomed to looking. When you open your eyes to possibility, you need to close your ears to probability. Sometimes that means closing your ears to your own voice.

Don’t limit yourself or what you would love to do because of your personal fear or the fear of what others may think. Eliminate society’s age-imposed limitations from your thinking. Write your own life story…from beginning to end…to be as interesting and unique as you can imagine.

Motivated living…or mediocre living…that’s a choice you and I make daily. No one makes it for us. It starts with the person in the mirror, and the footprints that led you to where you are today are yours.

Remember, your attitude is a magnet. An attitude committed to succeeding magnetically draws opportunity; it magically attracts people. A person who wears an attitude that’s enthusiastic, confident, and determined will cause people to positively gravitate toward him or her.

Believe in your dreams! Everything we’ve experienced up to this point…the positive AND the negative…has made us who we are. If we like who we are now, we need to be grateful for every loss, failure, struggle and tragedy we’ve ever experienced. Each has helped shape us.

If we think failure is inevitable, it is. When we think our job is dull, it will be. If we tell a child he’s average, chances are he’ll perform that way. We have the ability to turn a situation into exactly what we predict. And we don’t even need a crystal ball.” all we need is the Believe in what we dream of.

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