A Lesson I Wish I Had learned Earlier In Life

A Lesson I Wish I Had learned Earlier In Life

This a lesson I wish I had learned earlier in life. I used to think that it was important for everyone to understand my point of view and why I was behaving the way I was. I always wanted to explain and justify myself a lot.

Today I’ve learned that some people will understand or misunderstand me and that, that’s okay and not a bad thing.

There are always people who will not understand or disagree with you and somehow I can live with that quite well now.

A Lesson I Wish I Had Learned Earlier In Life

It’s totally worth it for me that I’m still getting to know myself better over time, want to develop myself further, and take a lot of time for myself and reflection because it’s allowed me to adopt a different mindset in relation to many things and I would say that overall it’s much better than when I was 25 because I can now deal with problems, “triggers” and difficult times much better.

It doesn’t make challenging times better, but I feel like I have more resources to deal with life now.


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