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5 Ways to Emancipate Yourself from Mental Captivity

5 Ways to Emancipate Yourself from Mental Captivity

5 ways to Emancipate yourself from mental captivity. It is solely your responsibility to free yourself from mental captivity. Because none but yourself can free your mind.

“The biggest enemy you have to deal with is yourself. If there’s no enemy within, then the enemy outside can do us no harm.” ~ Les Brown.

It is God’s responsibility to deliver us from both spiritual and physical captivity. It is solely our responsibility to free ourselves from mental captivity.

Begin to see Passover as a journey from darkness to light, from fear to safety, from doubt to ultimate trust that you will cross the Red Sea safely and be fed manna from Heaven. You are your own Moses, Your own liberator.

“ The mind is a powerful force. It can enslave us or empower us. It can plunge us into the depths of misery or take us to the heights of ecstasy. Learn to use is wisely.” ~David Cuschieri

Below are 5 ways to Emancipate yourself from mental captivity. I belive these 5 tips can help you to break the chains that are holding you captive.

 1. Believe in yourself. You have to believe in yourself ultimately. Always Think big and Dream big. Focus on your strengths and work on developing your shortfalls. Don’t compare yourself to others and don’t let circumstances dictate what you are capable of achieving.

“Believe in yourself and there will come a day when others will have no choice but to believe with you.” ~ Cynthia Kersey

 2. Work hard. Do what you can do. Don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself. Take responsibility for where you are. Stop feeling like you’re owed. In life, there are no handouts. If you want something, you owe it to yourself to go out and get it. Nothing worth having comes easy.

 “Determination and perseverance move the world; thinking that others will do it for you is a sure way to fail.” ~Marva Collins

3. Be Positive. Turn negatives into positives and make it a growing experiencing. Don’t dwell on others opinions of you or take things personally. Don’t blame and harbour toxic emotions. It will only hold you back. Let it add fuel to the fire. Envision the future and maintain your focus.

 “As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom. I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.” ~Nelson Mandela

4. Never give up, rather be Confident. Ask for what you want. create that purpose in your heart that you will keep fighting for your dreams. How many times will you try before you decide to give up? This is your dream and you have to protect it. Try every door until you have exhausted all options and yet don’t give up. Once there is a will, there is always way and you must be determined to find it!

“You’ve only got three choices in life: Give up, give in, or give it all you’ve got. ~Unknown.
 5. Have faith and Be Patient. Believe that things will work out. For everything there is a time and season. The waiting period can be the most difficult but it’s important to not let doubt and fear creep in.

Sometimes things might be out of your control. Have faith and trust that God will take you through those difficult moments and this will give you peace even when things don’t go your way. 

 “Faith is like the radar that sees through the fog” ~Corrie Ten Boom

The saddest state a person can reach is mental captivity. No one can change life for you execpt yourself, you will have to remove the shackles for yourself. This is your life! Don’t let anyone else write your story. Take back the pen and make a great ending!

 “None can destroy iron but its own rust can. Likewise, none can destroy a person, but his own mindset can” ~Ratan Tata.

Finally, I would like share my favorite quote from Edmund Lee with you. It says: “Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you.”

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