4 Practical ways to strengthen your faith

Understanding and accepting who You are

4 Practical ways to strengthen your faith. The best way to experience more ease and flow in your life, is to strengthen your faith.

Strong faith gives you the ability to push through hard times, helps you to overcome fear, and enjoy an overall quality of life.

I believe that faith is non-denominational. It therefore outside the bounds of religion. The single requirement of Faith is that you believe in something bigger than yourself.

Having faith in life means that you have complete trust of what life means to you. It means that you can relax your body and mind and know that everything in life is going to work out perfectly for you.

I believe these major 4 Practical ways, will be of great help to strengthen your faith.

1. Pray without season:

Prayer is essential for strong faith. Prayer opens the connection between yourself and life in general. It’s your personal conversation with God. If you’re not praying, then how can you develop a relationship with God. It’s understandable that if you don’t have an open relationship with God, then how can you have faith? So start with a dialogue. You can do this internally in your heart, verbally while alone, or join a church of friends who have faith and practice faith in God.

2. Meditate:

I believe Meditation helps to develop an awareness which is the first step on everyone’s evolutionary path. Meditation helps to become more sensitive and connected to your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Eventually, you’ll become so aware that you can’t just sit by and watch. You’ll be compelled to take action and make changes to have faith.

3. Make a Movement:

Exercise helps. Exercise does not keep your body fit rather Movement through exercising also keeps your Mind and Soul fit and strong. A Gym is a great place for body movement or exercises but for better results get out into nature. Go for a walk or hike. Ride your bike if you have one, or do yoga if you can. Simply, do a movement that becomes meditative and rhythmic. It helps to loosen the grip of your mind.

4. Surround yourself with people of faith.

Surround yourself with encouraging, positive, faith-filled people who see God’s greatness and potential in you and who will cheer you on to the finish line.

Always hang around those who will say to you when you share a creative idea, “Go for it and make It!”

Proverbs 13:20 says: “Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.

Take a moment in life to think about the people you spend most of your time with. Ask yourself, If they have a stronger faith like you do. If not, then advise yourself if you want to your faith to grow stronger.


Practice to keep a positive attitude about your own faith. Accept that you have faith and that you can help it to grow stronger. 

Be determined to finish strong in your journey of faith! And remember, the measure of faith can be increased. But you’re the one who increases it, not God.

You can surely strengthen your faith by either feeding it on the Word of God and exercising it right, or putting it into practice.

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