25 Ways To Promoting Resilience For More Inner Strength

25 Ways To Promoting Resilience For More Inner Strength

25 Ways To Promoting Resilience For More Inner Strength. Our days are not always bathed in pink clouds. On the contrary, there are phases in life when a real storm comes up and you are hit by a wave of negativity.

You start to waver and to doubt. Exactly for such moments, you should strengthen your resilience. Because if you actively promote resilience on a regular basis, you will be better equipped to weather the storm of life in difficult times. And exactly such storms await us all because life consists of ups and downs

Back to the text – promoting one’s resilience means strengthening one’s psychological resistance. This doesn’t mean that every problem bounces off you like a Teflon pan, but that through inner strength we pick ourselves up again.

Just like a standing man – the weight of the center makes him stand up again. For this to succeed, all it takes is a little practice, or more precisely, some resilience training. This sounds complicated, but it is not, because resilience building is not rocket science. On the contrary, it is about strengthening the mental and emotional resources in everyday life to be prepared for difficult situations.

Now let’s go through the 25 Ways To Promoting Resilience For More Inner Strength

Clear your mind: You probably know the moments when your thoughts are going around in circles. Where you are flooded by a wave of negative thoughts and where you have no way out. Against this, there is a small exercise called clearing the mind. In this exercise, you write down the question that is on your mind and then you try to answer it for 10 minutes. It is important that you don’t stop and always write it down. Then you get into the flow and can also tap into your subconscious. It is calming and helpful at the same time.

Values work: “Values are like fingerprints. Nobody has the same ones, but you leave them all on everything you do.” said the great Elvis Presley.

We all have life principles, so-called values that are important to us. If we consciously live by them, this can strengthen us greatly. If these are regularly violated or we unconsciously live our lives against our values, then this stresses us and weakens us. Consciously dealing with the topic, will promote your resilience.

Cultivate positive habits: 80% of our daily life is spent in car mode. In other words, we follow our habits. Consciously creating and actively cultivating these habits will help you enormously to strengthen your resilience. Look for activities, habits, or pleasures that are good for you and actively incorporate them into your daily life.

Set goals calmly: Goal orientation is an important pillar in resilience. However, it is crucial not to pursue them too doggedly, but to let them loosen up accordingly. In short – set yourself goals but don’t get bogged down. This way you get structure in your everyday life without putting too much pressure on yourself.

Train solution thinking: When a problem arises, our brain starts to rattle. However, everything always revolves around the problem. It is much more helpful to move your thinking in the direction of the solution. The Hawaiian proverb sums it up quite well. “Energy follows attention”. Direct your concentration consciously to the solution and your problem will be solved.

Acceptance: There are situations for which there is no solution. No matter if it is the end of a relationship, a job loss, or a death. Giving the news a positive spin, or holding on like “cheer up” is not helpful in most cases. The mourning or the fear can be somewhat mitigated by the conscious decision to accept. You should not ask yourself the why me or why now questions. Make a conscious decision to accept the situation and you will also overcome this crisis more easily.

Enjoy with pleasure: You can also promote your resilience on a daily basis with a few very simple means. The simplest method is to enjoy it consciously. Whether it’s a shower in the morning, coffee in the morning, or a delicious lunch. Conscious enjoyment makes the negative thought carousel stop for a moment and puts you in a good mood.

25 Ways To Promoting Resilience For More Inner Strength

Align focus: If you want to boost your resilience, pay attention to your thoughts. We, humans, tend to remember negative news better. In addition, we are inundated with negative news from the media. If you find that your attention is caught in a fog of negative thoughts, choose to think about something positive. Your mood will thank you.

Experience nature: Sometimes you feel lost like you’ve lost touch with yourself. Nature can be a wonderful remedy for this. Move around a lot in nature and you’ll automatically reconnect and strengthen your inner self.

Allow emotions: Crying is good for you. Yes, this may sound a bit bizarre to some men, but we all need emotions to stay healthy. Showing sadness and anger through tears just feels good.

Exercise senses: Strengthening self-awareness is a helpful factor in building your resilience. The senses also play a big role in this. Sensory perception also helps us to better perceive our emotions. Therefore, train your senses by concentrating on one sense at a time. For example, close your eyes for a minute and concentrate only on hearing.

I time planning: In everyday life, we are embedded in obligations and appointments. This makes it all the more important to consciously schedule ME time. Schedule 15 minutes every day just for YOU and your energy tank will never be empty. Make sure that you do something that only pleases you. A full portion of egoism in the day – simply do you good.

25 Ways To Promoting Resilience For More Inner Strength

Maintain social environment: There are people who do you good, there are people who pull you down and there are people who act as if they do us good and pull us down in the process. In any case, you should check a social environment once whether someone does you good or not.

Basically, we are social beings, and social contacts, friends, and family can be important support to help us in difficult situations. Make a stocktaking for it once and maintain your relationships consciously. This is an important pillar to promote your resilience.

Enjoy the sunny side: When you notice that you are on the dark side, consciously change sides of the street and enjoy the warm rays of the sun on your skin. Register the good feeling of having consciously chosen the sunny side.

Set up an energy-filling station: It’s not just the sun’s rays that provide energy. Listening to the wind, a nice spot by a river, or a cozy café. There are many places where we can recharge our batteries and do our souls good. Find your energy filling station and visit it regularly to recharge your batteries again and again.

Cultivate and live creativity: Creativity is a winged word that many immediately block out and say “I’m not creative.” But creativity is not a skill that you can or cannot do, but much more an attitude. An open attitude towards life is the first step to more creativity. Be open to new ideas and don’t criticize yourself. This will also help you in difficult situations to find new solutions.

Nothing is Must, Everything is Can: I must, I must, I must. These are the stress of the sentence is made of. But nothing is a must and everything can. Try it out. Take a typical sentence that you start with “I have to” and rephrase it to “I decide to do this….”.

Read through this sentence and feel inside yourself. Afterward, you can expand the sentence to “I decide to do this because…” add a reason and you will see that the feeling of powerlessness that the “I have to” sentence radiates loses its meaning. This helps you strengthen your own and build resilience.

Dissolve voice clutter: Promoting resilience also means strengthening self-awareness. The psychologist Friedemann Schulz von Thun has already established that we can perceive different voices within us whenever we make a decision.

Sometimes these voices contradict each other. Each voice can symbolize a different role or value. For example, if you want to quit your job, many thoughts will go through your head.

The adventurer in you immediately says “do what you’re waiting for” while the responsible one says “better not, better safe than sorry”. This causes stress and makes decisions more difficult. Take some time and be aware of all thoughts and you can relieve some of the pressure.

Reflect: Space, time, and reflection are the three magic words for healthy mental hygiene. If you want to promote your resilience, you should always take time for some reflection. Just a few minutes are enough to devote to your emotions and thoughts. Write down everything that goes through your mind and you’ll feel better right away.

Experience idleness: A good dose of idleness is the essence of a balanced life. Allow yourself this as often as possible, so your soul stays healthy.

25 Ways To Promoting Resilience For More Inner Strength

Savor the world of relaxation: We live in a world of absolute performance. We are under stress, are controlled by others, and are constantly under time pressure. Therefore, try to take the pressure out of leisure activities and do some self-care. Find a hobby and do it without time and performance pressure. Just for fun.

Laugh, laugh, laugh: When a cloud of negativity lulls you in your daily life, take countermeasures. According to the motto, laughter is healthy. Watch a funny movie, read a funny book or tell a joke to your friends. Your mood will rise in no time.

Look lovingly in the mirror: How do you meet yourself when you look in the mirror in the morning? When we look in the mirror in the morning, it is one of the first thoughts of the day that we think about ourselves. Start your day on a positive note and be loving to yourself.

Set Strength Anchor: Sailors set the anchor so that the boat is not washed away from the harbor in stormy times. You can do the same with your thoughts and emotions. Think of a beautiful situation. Think about it with all your senses. The more intensely you take in this positive feeling, the better. Then set a body signal. For example, rub your little finger.

This way you establish a connection between the “rubbing your finger” and your positive feeling and you can use it as an anchor in difficult times.

Gratitude: Our days are filled with to-do’s and thoughts of things we are missing. We still have this to do and we still should buy this. We constantly create a feeling of lack within ourselves. This feeling creates stress in us and weakens us internally.

With a good portion of gratitude, we can avoid exactly this. There is so much we can be grateful for. For a glass of clean water, for a warm bed or a loving family, and for your life. There are billions of people who don’t have that luxury. Looking at the simple things in life once a day and be grateful for the changes in your perspective. From lacking to having. Gratitude can be a helpful support.

I hope you enjoyed reading this 25 Ways To Promoting Resilience For More Inner Strength. Thank you for your time invested and best of luck on your resiliency journey!

Were you able to discover some ideas that can boost your resilience.? Please don’t forget to leave your comments.

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