How to love yourself more when you are failing

How to love yourself more when you are failing

It might seem impossible to love yourself more when you are failing, it is the time when people start loathing themselves. But we need to understand that it’s a critical time, to take care of yourself a little more.

Stop blaming yourself for doing the wrong things which led to the failure, rather give yourself some credit for the little things that you have done to make your life better.  

Do not be ashamed of yourself when you’re failing, you need to stand up and fight back! Love yourself as your neighbor, who is by your side every day, pushing you and making you stronger! Take care of your own needs, and develop the courage inside you to try again with more power and enthusiasm. Don’t let your failure push you back, or give up on your dreams. Let your failures teach you how to love yourself again. Get back on your feet, and start running on the same track which leads you towards success.  

Many times in life, we forget all our achievements when we face failure once, but you should know that YOU DID YOUR BEST. You put in all the efforts to achieve your goals, so it’s high time to appreciate yourself and your struggles.

Remember that you can inspire others by learning and teaching them how to love yourself more after failing. You will get through all the hurdles and failures with positive thinking.

When you feel depressed today, believe that tomorrow will be a new day. And once you achieve your goals, you would be proud of yourself for not giving up and loving yourself every day by moving forward.

Surround yourself with positive energy, which helps you practice more self-love and self-esteem. It will make you believe that You are powerful, you are purposeful, and you deserve to be loved and appreciated.

Underestimating yourself will only pull you down, so be honest to your own self, and remember; 

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do” -Brene Brown 


Every Obstacle teaches you how to improve your life

How to love yourself more when you are failing

Have you ever wondered how to improve your life and be happier and satisfied with it? The answer is simple. LEARN from the obstacles, because every Obstacle teaches you how to improve your life.

When you face obstacles, they are the lessons for you to change your choices and bring a difference in your life. They teach you how to control your emotions, and to not panic when you are faced with temporary failures. 

The obstacles help you in changing your perspective on life and help you fight back through daily motivation reminders for loving yourself and your goals. They teach you to find newer ways to solve your problems.

Are you still curious about how to improve your life by being optimistic about any unfortunate incident? Think about every small incident you could use for your daily motivation, even if it is daily motivation quotes, they can teach us the tactics to adopt in unlucky situations when we are facing hurdles.    

Consider all the hurdles as a “Wake-up call”, which pushes you to evaluate and analyze all your decisions, and make you think about your challenges and prepare you for them. Understand that, every Obstacle teaches you how to improve your life. Develop a new plan if you need one. Trust yourself, and don’t let the obstacles stop you. Because it is a test for your courage and your passion for attaining what you really want. It also pushes you to find mentors or people who support you and help you move forward.

All of these tactics will help you to spark the inner positivity inside you, and it will help you to find the silver lining which is hiding the dark clouds. And always remember that;  

“When you go through life’s challenges, you have the choice to either fall apart and become a victim of the circumstances, or you can rise up high and above others.” — Mo Seetubtim 


Faith and Perseverance can change your life

Faith and Perseverance can change your life

WHAT IT SHOULD MEAN TO YOU. My short poem to Inspire you. Let Us understand that; Faith and Perseverance can change our life.

A lonely man walks his path alone.

Looking for meaning for the unknown.

He set himself down and cast a stone.

As he felt faith was out of his zone. 

Each day we are given a lot of definitions. 

To what life is and its many conditions.

How one should live and their life missions.

Some even arraign and give people positions. 

But life is unknown to everyone out there.

It should be personal and not ever scare. 

It’s a pure form of faith that life is a prayer.

And perseverance in life could just spare. 

Forget what everyone else thinks about life. 

What is your faith on? What is your strife? 

Do you base it on your friends or your wife? 

Do you take it as less or is it considered rife? 

The man looks back on how he used to live.

The experiences from how he learnt to survive. 

The sweat he poured just to see himself strive.

The things he had to forget, forgo and forgive. 

He learnt that his lonely path was a gift, 

He no longer had to fend by using his fist. 

Life is more than he would ever have wished.

His faith restored; he’d chosen to resist & persist. 

Remember that, Faith and Perseverance can change your life.


Our Duty to Preserve the Environment

Our Duty to Preserve the Environment

We have always depended on nature to provide us with resources for making life on earth possible. It is now Our Duty to Preserve the Environment.

The Environment provides us even with basic resources like air, water, and food, and we are in constant interaction with nature.

We are embedded in it as a thread in a piece of cloth, and we can not ignore the fact that every step we take has an impact on the nature around us, and that will directly affect the human species.

So why do we keep destroying it? We are destroying our own species and diminishing our own future. Every one of us has to take the responsibility to save ourselves, and preserve the environment we are living in. 

The environment is our mutual interest, and to preserve that is our duty towards nature and towards our fellow humans. You have to stand up! and not let the resources, as well as other humans, die.

Your future generations are at stake, and they demand from us to preserve the resources. When the earth offers you love, you have to return it back by loving the earth and the environment.

You impact the world around you every single day of your life, and YOU ARE THE ONE TO DECIDE if that impact would be positive or negative.  

What are you waiting for, for improving the world? It’s YOU who needs to change. Every second counts, and it is high time you start loving the wounded earth.

The small things you do for your environment can have huge impacts, so don’t think that you are powerless!

Nothing is going to get better if everyone thinks of themselves as powerless, You need to ACT! Stop the ones who are doing harm to the earth, spread love, and compassion for nature which treats you with generosity and hospitality. Appreciate its love, reciprocate it and be the change.  

And we need to remember;  

“A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt 


Today’s misfortune can be a blessing in disguise

Today's misfortune can be a blessing in disguise

Many times in life, we face hardships and temporary failures or defeats, all of it is part of our lives and we can not avoid it even if we want to. Today’s misfortune can be a blessing in disguise.

We all have to face it and continue with our lives if we are dissatisfied with it or feel empty inside.

These failures and misfortunes sometimes inculcate darkness in our lives, and for a temporary time period, make us feel defeated and numbed to move forward with life.

But today’s misfortune can be a blessing in disguise. Which would open up to you at a later period of time.

It would make you strong to overcome the harsh realities of life and create a light of your own in the time of darkness and sadness.  

“The storm you face is your teacher. The experience you gain is your lesson. The life you make from it all is your blessing. ”  

Do you feel that things are not working out for you. The current problems and misfortunes you are going through will might your life miserable and be a permanent part of your life?

If yes, Ignore that thought. Count your blessings and start thinking about it from a new perspective.

The temporary problems bring grief and sadness to all of us but think of it as an ugly wrapping paper withholding a beautiful blessing for you.

Stay hopeful about the future, and be thankful for the happy days you have spent in life. And the blissful moments you have lived.

And to be grateful for that, sometimes we need a reminder of what misfortune looks like, and how blessed we are to live the lives of comfort and happiness.  

So open your heart and mind for new experiences and new lessons in your life. You might think that this unfortunate event was the worst thing that could happen to you.

But in fact, you realize at a later stage of life, that if it would not have happened. You could not have experienced the best things you had in your life.

The failures push you to work harder and be more dedicated to achieving your goals.

They teach you to be grateful for the little blessings and gifts in your life. And make you more patient and persistent.


Developing the Power to believe

Developing the Power to believe

Do you know what is the one magical thing that can help you in achieving your success? The answer is simple, it is developing the power to believe. 

When you perform with the belief in your heart, that you will succeed in whatever you’re aiming at, this belief will empower you, and bring you closer to your goals.

Sometimes, there are enormous obstacles in your way towards achieving something,  but if you are able to convince yourself that you have the power and potential then you would not fear to face all difficulties in your way.  

There is a famous saying that: “Belief is the ignition switch, that gets you off the launching pad”. So, set the goals that you believe you can achieve, and attain them by the will of your heart.

Keep moving towards your destination, even if it sounds unachievable to others. have a positive attitude and develop the power to believe, because who would believe you, when you don’t believe yourself. 

Believe that you have everything it takes to follow your dreams, that you are unstoppable, and that failure is impossible for you. Believe that miracles will happen to you and they will.  

One thing is certain that, only interests and words will take you nowhere. The trick is, to train your mind and heart to trust your guts and follow the path which leads you towards your destination.

If you are doing something different from the rest of the world, and even if your friends and family do not trust you, you only need to develop the power to believe in yourself. Do not think about the people who do not trust your potential, do your thing and work hard.  

Believing in yourself does not mean that you should ignore your weaknesses, rather analyze your weaknesses, and try to overcome your weaknesses or temporary disbelief.

Develop the strengths you need for achieving your goals,  be optimistic and have a positive attitude towards life. Never doubt your potentials and powers, BELIEVE, and wait for the magic to happen!